The Flip Flop…

It’s always nice to land that “special someone” that you feel is the “one”, but there’s those times too, that you have to watch out for a sinking (relation)ship too, like the Titanic.

This last one was about the size of the Titanic, although the size didn’t matter. It was the actions of it, that it sank. I’m sorry, but, I don’t get rock hard to fuck on the first date, let alone the second one. My male slut days were over long ago… I told her that, she don’t listen.

I’d rather have something special on the level of love, and knowing my partner on the emotional and mental level first, before tearing off the clothes to fuck. It’s not a relationship if you’re full boar on sex, and nothing else. It’s SO easy for a chick to spread the legs, and claim love is there if she’s taking your dick. But me, nah, sorry.

The words of “I love you” and etc, were merely thrown around like bullshit, you really didn’t mean what you felt, nor what you said. You’re just like any other slut in my past life, wanting sex only, and bail out. You need to grow up, seriously. I didn’t think you were a one night pit stop, but all your actions proved otherwise…

Because that’s all men are anyway these days… I’m far from that, but you’ll never know, Queen Ton, because you shipped me out the door because I wasn’t wanting to be your whore. Whatever, your loss is another gain. I have more dignity than that. And to throw me out that quick, without an adult discussion of it, and to throw away what we did establish to this point… Is a damn shame. It really does show you’re true intentions and feelings.

Tata bitch, you lost, I gained… Wish you the best with your male sluts and never getting anyone special enough to last with you, because you’re too damn selfish to allow it to happen. Good luck tho, since you run the show… You fail.

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