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11 September, 2011
Single mothers = cry me a river bullshit song and dance– also posted in Bitches, Rants

All these mothers, single mothers, and etc.. want a man, a relationship with a man or whatever… But yet, don’t give two shits in the wind about the man anyway… Last I knew, relationships were about the female and male, raising and love the both mutual parties kids as a family whole. The mom, the […]

10 September, 2011
younger mothers = balls of bullshit…– also posted in It Is Said

I’m in no means able to really say if a person is willing to be a good mother or not, and don’t get me wrong though, there’s been some good mothers at younger ages, raising their kids well for sure… However! There’s some mothers, that are the bottomless pit of shit, fucking us men over […]

9 June, 2010
Facebook Chat, and the bullshit…– also posted in Bitches, Rants

Here we go… Let’s run the chat all night, talk to folks, ones that might not click off with you, lets ignore em and or block em. It’s a damn shame though too, because the ones you’ve dissed and or blocked, could be the best friends of you. Little you know, the ones you’ve blocked […]

5 May, 2010
Jordanraine the ass pain…– also posted in Rants

I actually wanted to forgive this bitch and not say a word about her. But I can’t help it. It just has to be said… She’s a loser, low life bitch, that’s apparently not happy with her with boyfriend, she’s out looking for dick. It’s one thing to claim you’re fine and dandy with who […]

5 May, 2010
The Puttet Master Moments..– also posted in Bitches, General, Rants

I just find it funny that Spencer always gets setup for trouble, yet the parents of their own fucking kids aren’t there to begin with to control them. I’m such a bad person, “Oh boo hoo, Spencer is talking to my daughter.. Booo hoo”. Little do you know that your little miss perfect princess isn’t […]

5 May, 2010
Photo album for you from Therese on Windows Live….– also posted in General, Rants

Don’t you just hate all these fucking teaser spam mail messages? I do! Sometimes they actually name someone I know personally! At first, I see the title and think… “Oh Boy! More pictures of this chick that I think is cute and sexy! Whoo Hoo!” To this I say; MSN needs to control their fucking […]

28 March, 2010
Summer Time…– also posted in General, Rants

Ah yes, the time for spending time with family you don’t really give a shit about anyway, and you gotta do things you don’t wanna do… Not to mention having to do more work around the house that you rather not do, and last but not least, family reunion picnics and shit. It’s the season […]

8 March, 2010
Obama is shit…– also posted in It Is Said, Rants

He claimed to help our Country, yet is worse than most past Presidents. He’s a shit talker, trying to talk about helping us, yet is failure. He’s sinking our Country farther into the ground then any other President. He slapped wrapping paper around us, and slapped a “Don’t open till Christmas” sticker on it. He’s […]

8 March, 2010
Backstabbers and shit talkers….– also posted in Rants

They can lick my nuts and fuck off. They too pussy to talk directly to me, they gotta talk their shit smack talk to others… They can’t talk to me directly, they’re pussy. I hate them, I hate you too! Wanna be punks and dissers. Talk to me, not behind my back… Cowards. I’ll level […]

20 August, 2008
Fade to Black…

Life it seems will fade awayDrifting further everydayGetting lost within myselfNothing matters no one elseI have lost the will to live Simply nothing more to giveThere is nothing more for meNeed the end to set me free Things not what they used to be Missing one inside of meDeadly loss this cant be realCannot stand […]