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6 December, 2022
Aww…A Christmas card from a neighbor…how sweet!– also posted in General, Twisted Jokes

It’s that time of year again, time for sending out Christmas Cards! Isn’t this Christmas card sweet? It’s from a neighbor… It makes ya feel all warm and special, almost Christmagasmic… Twisted

10 September, 2011
younger mothers = balls of bullshit…– also posted in Feelings

I’m in no means able to really say if a person is willing to be a good mother or not, and don’t get me wrong though, there’s been some good mothers at younger ages, raising their kids well for sure… However! There’s some mothers, that are the bottomless pit of shit, fucking us men over […]

26 June, 2011
my thoughts to save money, and keep our troops safe and spend less on prisons… here we go…– also posted in General, Rants

Send the murderers overseas to fight wars, they’ll get out and have some “Freedom”, and at same time do what they do best. Murder people. Done. If they get killed, no big deal, no housing expenses necessary at all, and no death-row political drama necessary. It’s done deal. The more murderers from prison that goes […]

17 March, 2010
All talk, no walk…– also posted in Bitches, Rants

Basically the title says it. People are pansy fucks, they’re all talk, no walk… They say they’ll do something, yet don’t do it. Really must be nice to be hypocrite, and talking of wonders, only really to be so full of shit in the end anyway. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time for you […]

13 March, 2010
Michelle Frye, fuck her in the pussy and you might die…– also posted in Bitches

If you dove in without scuba gear that is…Jesus Mc Fucking Christmas Christ, she a big bitch! You’d need to wear a “Lawn and Leaf” garbage bag as condom to dive in it, and even then, she wouldn’t notice anything though… Although, that depends on the total weight and etc of course. We’d hate to sink […]

8 March, 2010
Obama is shit…– also posted in Feelings, Rants

He claimed to help our Country, yet is worse than most past Presidents. He’s a shit talker, trying to talk about helping us, yet is failure. He’s sinking our Country farther into the ground then any other President. He slapped wrapping paper around us, and slapped a “Don’t open till Christmas” sticker on it. He’s […]

6 March, 2010
Telemarketers and various tech support fuck-twats…– also posted in General, Rants

One of the worst things about calling up for tech support regarding an issue about any product you might have purchased, for example; Verizon DSL High Speed, or what-not. Is that most of the tech support representatives are fucking foreign fucks from India, or some other damn over-seas Country…And you never know what the fuck […]

31 August, 2008
Just one of them days…– also posted in General

Ya have to LOVE Sunday… It’s the only day of the week that you can actually catch up on sleep, or, sometimes in my case… PORN. Nah, I’m kidding, that’s Saturday night into Sunday EARLY morning. Ya know, when the Church goers are getting ready for Church, I’m ending my 8 to 12 hour porn […]

26 August, 2008
Mr. Sarcastic Charismatic Asshole-astic Wonderfully Fantastic…– also posted in General

Yeah, that’s me. I guess you could also say I’m immature and so forth as well. But, oh well, fuck it to hell! Why? Because, it’s just ME! And I’m wonderfully awesome no matter what anyone else thinks…because yeah, that’s just how it is… For example; when I used to be a shitty custodian at […]

14 July, 2008
I’m tired of saying it, so here’s a message for everyone…– also posted in Bitches, Rants

Here’s an image that best describes what’s been going on the last few weeks, or month. Once you read the image, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s been going on lately… Now, don’t get me wrong though, guys are just as bad. But around here lately… it’s just been the females… Go ahead girls, […]