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11 September, 2011
Single mothers = cry me a river bullshit song and dance– also posted in Bitches, Feelings

All these mothers, single mothers, and etc.. want a man, a relationship with a man or whatever… But yet, don’t give two shits in the wind about the man anyway… Last I knew, relationships were about the female and male, raising and love the both mutual parties kids as a family whole. The mom, the […]

26 June, 2011
my thoughts to save money, and keep our troops safe and spend less on prisons… here we go…– also posted in General, It Is Said

Send the murderers overseas to fight wars, they’ll get out and have some “Freedom”, and at same time do what they do best. Murder people. Done. If they get killed, no big deal, no housing expenses necessary at all, and no death-row political drama necessary. It’s done deal. The more murderers from prison that goes […]

9 June, 2010
Facebook Chat, and the bullshit…– also posted in Bitches, Feelings

Here we go… Let’s run the chat all night, talk to folks, ones that might not click off with you, lets ignore em and or block em. It’s a damn shame though too, because the ones you’ve dissed and or blocked, could be the best friends of you. Little you know, the ones you’ve blocked […]

5 June, 2010
The Flip Flop…– also posted in Bitches

It’s always nice to land that “special someone” that you feel is the “one”, but there’s those times too, that you have to watch out for a sinking (relation)ship too, like the Titanic. This last one was about the size of the Titanic, although the size didn’t matter. It was the actions of it, that […]

21 May, 2010
Taking a shit, is like giving birth…– also posted in General

Here is why… Both male and female are spending their precious time grunting, moaning, groaning, biting on a piece of stick, pushing out one or two things through a small hole. In the end, they either have one or two little or big shits to deal with. One or two, they’ll always need some tissue. […]

5 May, 2010
Jordanraine the ass pain…– also posted in Feelings

I actually wanted to forgive this bitch and not say a word about her. But I can’t help it. It just has to be said… She’s a loser, low life bitch, that’s apparently not happy with her with boyfriend, she’s out looking for dick. It’s one thing to claim you’re fine and dandy with who […]

5 May, 2010
Fatty fuckness…– also posted in Bitches, General

It’s one thing to admit to me you want me, then throw me to the wolf pack, crying wolf. You’ve known who I was, you know me, don’t be lying and shit and claiming to assume you made a mistake. I can’t help the fact that you’re a damn coward fatty fuck face. You rather […]

5 May, 2010
The Puttet Master Moments..– also posted in Bitches, Feelings, General

I just find it funny that Spencer always gets setup for trouble, yet the parents of their own fucking kids aren’t there to begin with to control them. I’m such a bad person, “Oh boo hoo, Spencer is talking to my daughter.. Booo hoo”. Little do you know that your little miss perfect princess isn’t […]

5 May, 2010
Photo album for you from Therese on Windows Live….– also posted in Feelings, General

Don’t you just hate all these fucking teaser spam mail messages? I do! Sometimes they actually name someone I know personally! At first, I see the title and think… “Oh Boy! More pictures of this chick that I think is cute and sexy! Whoo Hoo!” To this I say; MSN needs to control their fucking […]

4 May, 2010
The low toilet seat…– also posted in General

First off, let me just say that this isn’t geared towards the female gender; unless of course you have a huge sagging nut sack or a tranny, so please don’t take offense… I’m not sure which dumb fuck created these things, but they need to stop creating them and selling them! And certain dumb-asses need […]