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21 July, 2008
Apparently everyone missed the memo that was hung up on my middle finger…– also tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Like I said in a post way back in Sept 2004. “Friends” are shit… Now, before people start getting their panties into a bunch, this is referring to LOCAL OFFLINE “friends”, not online “friends”. Anyway, you know who are true friends, when they at least act like it, or ARE really being friends to you. Evidently, a […]

20 October, 2007
Regarding the comments…– also tagged , , , , ,

After talking on the phone with a buddy last night for 4 hours, about how long I had VB, and him having his site and everything, and then the drama, and the chick related stuff in general… I’ve come to the conclusion… I’ve had my VB site for many years, and put alot of time […]