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25 January, 2023
Original blog theme is back again!– also tagged , , , , , ,

Thanks to Velimir from https://x1code.com/ he helped me get my original theme back working again. Normally he charges 1,000.00 for custom themes but only charged me $60.00. Which was a huge relief and a big help. Thanks again Velimir for getting my old theme back up and running again. I originally paid $250.00 for the […]

16 May, 2007
Theme uploaded…– also tagged , , , , , , , , ,

Uploaded new theme now… However!! A LOT OF SHIT NEEDS DONE YET! Be patient pricks! She’ll be all ready then soon… What’s up now is all I’m doing for the night. I’m tired as fuck and need sleep!! I’ll get back on the theme updates tomorrow sometime. Hope you all like it, I do!!  That’s all, […]

14 May, 2007
Update on the theme changing…– also tagged , , , , , , , , ,

This theme WILL be coming down soon!! Most likely tomorrow sometime, and before I go to work at 6:30pm EST USA!! It’s a custom design which I had bought, and then had paid a coder to put into a WP theme. Why? Because I’m too damn busy with 2 other WP themes I’m working on, […]

26 April, 2007
kivanoconnor = The Rip-off designer/coder seller!!– also tagged , , , , , , , , , , ,

Since the original post was deleted from the Sitepoint.com forums as per their rules, no posting negative shit against other users! STUPID RULE, BUT FUCK IT!! YA CAN’T HIDE MOTHERFUCKER!! YA CAN’T FUCK ME OVER WITHOUT GETTING ON THE HOT SEAT(S) ALL OVER THE NET! RIP-OFF! KRYSTOLE JR!! Anyway, here below is the original post which was […]

7 October, 2006
A new look coming soon..– also tagged , , , ,

I’m seriously getting tired of staring at this same god forsaken theme, day in, and day out.. be prepared for a change of theme soon folks. It’s not going to be anything special, it’s not going to be one of my own custom built theme’s either.. It’s just going to be something different for a […]