Theme update

Velimir from is working on a responsive theme version for tablets and cell phones and we’re having issues with the hamburger menu at moment. Once it’s fixed I’ll comment on this post as an update. Then the theme will be accessible and working on tablets, cell phones, ipads, etc etc. Please bare with us while we fix this. Thanks.

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Original blog theme is back again!

Thanks to Velimir from he helped me get my original theme back working again. Normally he charges 1,000.00 for custom themes but only charged me $60.00. Which was a huge relief and a big help. Thanks again Velimir for getting my old theme back up and running again. I originally paid $250.00 for the theme and PSD years ago, when it worked on an older version of WordPress. When I used it on, I had tweaked the color scheme for it, when I shouldn’t have. I should have left it alone. Anyway, if I have any more issues with it, I’ll get back to Velimir for help.

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Going through posts adding tags

I’m currently going through 467 posts or 47 pages worth of posts adding Tags to each post. It’s going to take fucking forever but it needs done. Hope everyone’s holidays are going good. That’s all, that’s it, no more shit.

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Aww…A Christmas card from a neighbor…how sweet!

It’s that time of year again, time for sending out Christmas Cards! Isn’t this Christmas card sweet? It’s from a neighbor… It makes ya feel all warm and special, almost Christmagasmic…


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I’m Baaaack!

Welp, it’s almost been 12 long years now and I’m finally back again whoo hoo! I’ve come into the world as one ranting Vindictive Bastard and I’ll be leaving the world as one as well.

I’ve had many various domain names, as well as authors on this blog. But going to ride this ride out solo this time. It has also been a long time for me to get my original domain name back again too. I could re-register my other domains and have them all parked here too, but I’m not sure if it will make much difference.

Most know how to find me anyway so fuck it. The downside, I didn’t save database backups from previous blogs so I have lost a handful of older posts. I managed to recover a good bit though from Internet Archive which is good. Ah well.. fuck it I guess.

If anyone else can manage to recover them please send me an email of them. Or, if anyone has a database copy please send that as well. Email: smooeycom[at]

Below are the posts I’m missing by month, days, and years. I think some were even Ravin’s old posts but I can’t remember because I was always a drunken bastard back then. Anyway…

  • December 2007
  • 30: I want you to add me to your messenger…
  • 26: AIM Music Link plugin version is a fucking piece of shit…
  • 24: The Funniest Thing Ever
  • 12: Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close!
  • 08: My Miss Jackie Comment…
  • 07: How about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up?
  • 05: Natalie invites you to MySpace!
  • 03: Updated info
  • November 2007
  • 27: Steven Hawking’s boyfriend
  • 25: To Miss Jackie Concerning Wrestling…
  • 22: Happy Thanksgiving….
  • 13: Dear Miss Jackie…
  • October 2007
  • 12: Fucking computers…
  • 03: Everyone has a song for themselves…
  • 02: YARRRGH!!!
  • September 2007
  • 24: Woah! Wait a minute here…
  • 18: Horray for internet drama!
  • 08: Shitty Babysitters at Shit Work…
  • 06: Beware the next WordPress version 2.3 release…
  • August 2007
  • 19: The perfect porta pot, for when you don’t wanna leave that favorite spot!
  • 08: Mc Dumbass Donald workers ….
  • 04: One day yet, then VB domain is set to expire…
  • July 2007
  • 06: Shit Work
  • 01: Tired n Pissed, little rants that can’t be missed..
  • May 2007
  • 23: It’s time again folks! Time for more fun filled Fuck You’s for today!! Yay!
  • 05: Just a few things you might wanna tell your boss, but don’t,
  • because you a pussy!
  • April 2007
  • 28: Keep on stepping honey! Keep stepping!
  • March 2007
  • 24: Where’s Twisted?
  • 15: Meet my mom and dad…
  • December 2006
  • 25: Fuck It..
  • 22: The original Vindictive Bastard blog theme brought back..
  • 21: GoogleTalk Chat #2
  • 20: GoogleTalk Chat #1
  • 19: Mc Dumbass Donald workers, the 12 year old AOLer style!!
  • 19: I will be writing for money soon..
  • 19: An overhaul will be done soon..
  • November 2006
  • 23: My Last Word, on the recent issues…
  • February 2006
  • 22: [brand new] not one P.F.A. But TWO!!
  • 09: [brand new] a lovely memorable email…
  • December 2004
  • 17: Thanks SPYWARE! THANK YOU!!

It’s been a long time since I had a host and the blog so I have to get used to it all over again. Also WordPress changed a lot too since I’ve last used it. I also miss my old theme so I might to pay someone to code it or update it for me, ah well no biggie.

Another thing I have to do is go through posts, fixing urls, adding tags, etc too. Anyway, time for a beer! Tata!

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Single mothers = cry me a river bullshit song and dance

All these mothers, single mothers, and etc.. want a man, a relationship with a man or whatever… But yet, don’t give two shits in the wind about the man anyway…

Last I knew, relationships were about the female and male, raising and love the both mutual parties kids as a family whole. The mom, the step dad, the kids. Or, Dad, and the step mom. Loving each other… to raise the kids under the same roof. Nope, apparently not. The mothers are always downsizing, belittling, and short sizing their lover the male friend. Don’t give a shit about him anyway.. he’s the bottom of the totem pole from day one.. INSTANT FAMILY FAIL!! FAIL ALERT!!!

All these females so unhappy in their current shit relationships, still sharing beds with them, loving them.. but bitching about them daily.. whilst trying to find a new man.. are the heifers n sows in the amish man’s field grazing… They don’t know HOW to kick the dirt off their back, but yet want it done to them… They play all these fucking mind games, bitch at the guys, put us down for our wrong doings.. But yet, they do all the same things themselves…


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Every time I try to love…

It’s not but bullshit games anyway… They really don’t love you at all. It’s just a game, and the same game that pisses me the fuck off from beginning of time. And I’m fucking sick of it..

They all always put me/us down for certain things, yet they do the same things and shit. I’m fucking tired of it!! Go to hell, just when I get there in hell, please stay away from me…. I’d hate to get an infection, disease, or whatever… I’m not good for you now, but the losers you with can make the world so much better… Ironically, this coming from those that aren’t happy at all with their current shit relationships.. or aren’t they? Ah yes, this is where the games come in, that they don’t like played to them, yet play them against us guys from get go…

If you want to play games, go hook up the Xbox and play them with the kids. Leave me the fuck out of it.. And all the bitches, whores, mind gamer players, sluts, cheaters… you’ve lost out on a good thing.. the “mrs’s i don’t want all that stuff yet do it to the guys anyway!!”

Put the hip boots on, grab a shovel.. start digging… I don’t need to hear it anymore… After the hole is dug, hop in it, so i can bury the body… im done. good bye fuck cunt, sluts, head gamer players, whores… cheaters…

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younger mothers = balls of bullshit…

I’m in no means able to really say if a person is willing to be a good mother or not, and don’t get me wrong though, there’s been some good mothers at younger ages, raising their kids well for sure…

However! There’s some mothers, that are the bottomless pit of shit, fucking us men over left and right.. And all their immature idiot friends, are cheering them on!! I’m surprised their shit friends even have relationships though, considering what they’re all cheering on, with girls that claim to want to marry a man, have his baby, says the baby is his, and gets engaged to the guy.

But yet cheats on him, doesn’t take him to appointments for the baby/ regarding the baby to start with.. Instead, takes the sister and idiot fat fuck friends to the appointments… and allows the fat fuck face friend to say on Facebook… “hahaha.. the baby gonna get my name!! i say so! i’m the god mother of it!! haha.. I’m so wonderful and amazing!” …

Whilst the baby daddy is stuck at home, waiting on a ride for the appointment… Well, the supposed baby daddy anyway (me)… and the ride never showed up anyhow!! It’s planned, set in stone, she said same shit.. Did I get to go? Nope. Did I get a call or text of the result / outcome? Nope. For days and days, I waited to hear from her… And she bitched cause I was “text bombing the phone”… Wow… well hello!?!!?!?! hello!?!?!?

But I digress… It’s just amazing I’m the bad guy… When together, she loved me, nothing but me, the kid was gonna be ours, we planned to get pregnant, get engagement rings, get married and etc. Then BOOM.. she cheated on me, our relationship goes to shit in hand basket, she’s liar and whore bag bitch…. She called me a cousin, when with a dude, so the dude brings her to see me the cousin… Then tells me, this other dude a cousin too… So I don’t gotta worry about him…

Yet now, she with him… and he’s the baby daddy…. That’s mature and wonderful. Say I didn’t have anything to do with her since before birth, but you were the one keeping me from it, to start with.. Then, cheat on me, claiming another man is the father and not me…? Her, and her shit friends.. are worthless pieces of shit..

They obviously don’t know how to have serious relationships. She was after me, loved me, then fucked me over with a skank fuck. I guess they just two peas in a pod though, they both skanks, dirty, and don’t know what a washcloth is… They’re perfect together.. But it sill doesn’t give them the right to say I ain’t the baby’s daddy…

How mature is it, to allow idiot friends to come between a “family”.. breaking them up… just because the baby daddy don’t have job right now. Yet, the fiancee was going to hook us both up with work, never did. Put good words in to do it.. never did. But, spencer the bad guy though..

I was only one fighting to have a relationship, she was only one fighting to lose it and fuck it up…. Fuck. But it is what it is.. she’s a cheating, liar whore bag slut bag.. and all her shit friends that step in and fuck it up.. are idiots too. they all don’t have concept of relationships to begin with… im surprised their “lovers” remain with them…

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my thoughts to save money, and keep our troops safe and spend less on prisons… here we go…

Send the murderers overseas to fight wars, they’ll get out and have some “Freedom”, and at same time do what they do best. Murder people. Done. If they get killed, no big deal, no housing expenses necessary at all, and no death-row political drama necessary. It’s done deal.

The more murderers from prison that goes over to fight our wars, the less we need to spend on our troops to house, feed, and lose casualties of… If we send over guys locked up for life terms in prison…for what they do best anyway.. it will save on our tax dollars. No need to house and feed prisoners anymore. On top of that, we’ll save money on our own good troops. Save them for when deemed necessary to use them. Prisoners sitting in prison for 25 to life… They’re just there wasting life away, time, money, housing and etc…

Why be stupid and do that? When they could easily be shipped overseas with knives, guns, and whatever else… let them do what they do best… and at same time.. enjoy their freedoms… Fuck.. If I had control over the government, that’s what I would do… Either that, or turn all the murderers jail cells into gas chambers.. gas em all.. and let the non-violent offenders go free…

Either way, it will save money some where along the lines… And if they pass the Bill to legalize marijuana, then all those that are in for smoking weed, will be set free anyway.. Or should be anyway… Think about it…

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Internet Relationships = Bullshit

Thanks to a buddy of mine, I’ve now considered the fact that internet relationships are really and truly are bullshit. Here’s why…

  1. They’re too pussy to actually meet up with you.
  2. They’ve got too much going on in their life to consider you a factor in their life. They bitch, moan, groan, and whatever else that you don’t bother with them, yet don’t do anything themselves to encourage the relationship is going any where.
  3. It’s all talk, no walk. It’s endless bullshit. Hopes of it going any where, is fail from start.
  4. Everyone has excuses for their actions, so really there’s nothing going to happen in the long run.
  5. Let’s talk of good dreams, fantasies, and let’s hope of some thing good! Yet, they don’t bother anyway, because they’re too busy with their own bullshit. “I’m taking a shit, I’ll deal with you later.” … “I’m doing this or that, fuck you for now, I’ll handle you later”. Well fuck you too! I’m tired of this bullshit, it’s all bullshit talk and failure anyway.
  6. Let’s reply to you when I’m good and ready, I’ll wait for your response when I’m ready to view it. Other then that, who cares?
  7. I’ll speak and want the same things and hopes and dreams that you want, but I won’t do anything myself because I got my own life and who gives a fuck about you!? My current life means more than you! Although, I want you apart of it!
  8. It’s just never going to happen, there’s always an excuse to not make it happen. “I’m dealing with my 5 kids, I’m dealing with court, I’m dealing with this or that… ” It’s merely just bullshit talk, tagging you along … for time being, to make you happy… In long run, it means, It’s not going to happen.

Why bother? Really there’s no point in it… I’m tired of the same repeating shit talk… I’m done. I want someone serious and local, that’s not bullshitting me. For once, I’d love to meet someone that ain’t pussy and does want to meet me and is serious about me, no bullshit excuses. Ha!

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