ANGELS or Spirits might be watching! – Part 2!!

I just had to do up a Part 2 to the Article that started this all.

Again, could you just imagine, doing anything that you wouldn’t want anyone else to know about, but then having an “Angel” or “Spirits” right there watching you do it!?

I think it would really be embarrassing, and would suck more dick then a cheap hooker on the weekend with a “discount special” for sucking dick.

Any fucking ways, here below are some possible things that might be seen, and said, by “Angels” or “Spirits” if they happen to be watching you!

Here below is probably what they are saying to each other:

1) Wow!! I never thought the human asshole could take a huge cock like the horse’s! Jesus sure knew what he was doing when he made these sick bastards, that’s for sure!

2) Hahaha, OMFG! Look at that younger man down there with that old lady!!! I can’t believe those two are together and they are actually fucking… That’s fucking sick and disgusting!!

3) Jesus Christ! It’s sad to see such a nice young pussy packing broad like that, waste it all on an old disgusting man like that! Eww!

And it’s a shame to think that there is tons of younger men that would die to get with her, and she turns them down for that old fart! That’s fucked up!, what’s the world coming too!?

4) I love watching humans fuck doggy style, but I never thought I’d see the day when the female humans are getting it done by an actual dog! Ewww, that’s fucking sick!!

5) Eww! Look at that old man down there rubbing that young boy’s cock and playing with it!! I should go down there bitch slap him and then kick him in the fucking ball sacks!

6) Wow! I know it’s great for a family to love one another and such, but I think Daddy is taking it too far by fucking his daughter’s tight virgin pussy like that!! I know this isn’t right, but I can’t help but watch it!

7) What is it with all these sexy “younger” female school teachers fucking young boy students!? Jesus Christ! I wish I was a young boy student once!

8) Oh my Lord! Look at all those younger men down sucking their own dicks, because their own girlfriend’s can’t suck a dick for shit! That’s fucked up!!

9) Man! Look at that chick’s huge hairy pussy! I sure hope her boyfriend doesn’t get lost in that jungle, shit!

10) Aww, that brother and sister’s baby is 10 times more cute, then the brother and his now ex-wife’s was, that’s for sure! I’m not sure how that happened, but it just did..hmm..

11) OMFG! Look at that guy down there sucking on the other guy’s dick with shit on it!! Eww!! That’s fucking sick!! These humans are seriously disturbed and fucked up!

12) Look at that female human down there fucking that BIG GIANT, BIG, horse’s dick!! And to think, she bitches when people call her a nasty slut bitch!

13) Aww, look at the mother sucking her son’s dick! I guess she means it when she says “no matter what, she can always get her son up in the morning!”

14) Holy Shit! That girl down there is taking more dicks then I had ever seen! I bet if we turned her inside out, she could pass for a porcupine.

15) Hahaha, look at that fat fucking slut bitch, fucking that skinny ass dude. Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to just fuck a light house or something, Jesus!?

16) Look at that dude down there wacking off to cartoon porno! Now I know why he has a “blow up” love doll that looks just like the female “cartoon” Lara Croft, from the game Tomb Raider!

17) Damn! Look at those two old farts going at it in the sack! Well, if they keep going at it like that, I’m sure they’ll be standing right here with us soon, I mean very very soon!..

18) OMG! I can’t believe that guy actually likes watching his wife fucked by many other guys!!… And people bitch when relationships don’t work out, go fucking figure right!?

19) Jesus Fuck! When that fat fucking cunt bitch hopped on top of her fat boyfriend, we even had a 7.0 quake up here in “Heaven”! There should have been “laws” set by Jesus about this type of shit! My God!

20) Look at all the gay homosexuals and lesbians down there fucking and sucking on each other.. Now I know how the terms “Shit Sticks” and “Carpet Munchers” came about..

Welp! That about wraps this post up for the night lmaO!! Many thanks to all those sick, perverted and twisted fuckers out there in the world, for giving me the “topics” to write about this post.

Most of the ideas, and shit covered in this post came from what people were actually searching for via Search Engines. I noticed alot of incoming hits from Google and so forth for searchs containing the above content.

Many thanks to you “people”, for giving me something to write about lmao! Keep it up, and I’ll make a third post about this shit LOL!! I’m done for now…later..


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