“Add a Caption” post time again…

Now tell me this isn’t a face that a mother would love… Give me a big kiss people… Even though I look like a half-breed of the Joker from Batman movies and tv shows.. and a mentally retarded fuck-twat…

Add a Caption!….

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Facebook Chat, and the bullshit…

Here we go… Let’s run the chat all night, talk to folks, ones that might not click off with you, lets ignore em and or block em. It’s a damn shame though too, because the ones you’ve dissed and or blocked, could be the best friends of you.

Little you know, the ones you’ve blocked and shit-canned single handed, could be the ones of your best friends for life, but it don’t matter to you anyway. You lay your claims of bullshit, and want to make your merry land of friends, when half of them back stab you from begin with.

One minus one is one negative 2, I gotta deal with… Fuck it, you’re gone. Good bye. Merry Life of you… *hugs n kisses*

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The Flip Flop…

It’s always nice to land that “special someone” that you feel is the “one”, but there’s those times too, that you have to watch out for a sinking (relation)ship too, like the Titanic.

This last one was about the size of the Titanic, although the size didn’t matter. It was the actions of it, that it sank. I’m sorry, but, I don’t get rock hard to fuck on the first date, let alone the second one. My male slut days were over long ago… I told her that, she don’t listen.

I’d rather have something special on the level of love, and knowing my partner on the emotional and mental level first, before tearing off the clothes to fuck. It’s not a relationship if you’re full boar on sex, and nothing else. It’s SO easy for a chick to spread the legs, and claim love is there if she’s taking your dick. But me, nah, sorry.

The words of “I love you” and etc, were merely thrown around like bullshit, you really didn’t mean what you felt, nor what you said. You’re just like any other slut in my past life, wanting sex only, and bail out. You need to grow up, seriously. I didn’t think you were a one night pit stop, but all your actions proved otherwise…

Because that’s all men are anyway these days… I’m far from that, but you’ll never know, Queen Ton, because you shipped me out the door because I wasn’t wanting to be your whore. Whatever, your loss is another gain. I have more dignity than that. And to throw me out that quick, without an adult discussion of it, and to throw away what we did establish to this point… Is a damn shame. It really does show you’re true intentions and feelings.

Tata bitch, you lost, I gained… Wish you the best with your male sluts and never getting anyone special enough to last with you, because you’re too damn selfish to allow it to happen. Good luck tho, since you run the show… You fail.

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Taking a shit, is like giving birth…

Here is why…

Both male and female are spending their precious time grunting, moaning, groaning, biting on a piece of stick, pushing out one or two things through a small hole. In the end, they either have one or two little or big shits to deal with. One or two, they’ll always need some tissue.

Either way, they all have to be taken care of… Only difference is, the real shits get flushed, and the others just never seem to get enough.

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Jordanraine the ass pain…

I actually wanted to forgive this bitch and not say a word about her. But I can’t help it. It just has to be said…

She’s a loser, low life bitch, that’s apparently not happy with her with boyfriend, she’s out looking for dick. It’s one thing to claim you’re fine and dandy with who you got, then to flip it and not be it. You called me names, you claim me to be bi-polar, and I’m not. You are!

I’m surprised you have so many twitter followers though, you treat them like shit, bitch, moan, groan, and complain… picking fits and bitching. I’m surprised you have many friends at all. Most claim you to look like a wet dog; attractive. Some poor sopping soak dog bitch that’s been weather torn. You’re a sour cunt bitch, that doesn’t deserve friends. You just need to lay in a coffin some where and rot.

You claimed and slandered me to hack your shitty ass lastfm account a few weeks ago, and I’m sorry cunt. I don’t hack, nor do I know how to. It’s also sweet that you call me idiot in the same sentence that you’re claiming me smart enough to hack your shit… I told you I wouldn’t do anything that nasty to you if I tried. You still left up your slanderous shit against me, you went out on the limb to make me look bad on a message board staff forum. Where I didn’t have access to at all, I couldn’t defend myself bitch.

It’s always nice these coward, liar hypocrite fucks can speak so much, where’s a damn mirror when we need it? I wasn’t even online at the time you were hacked, nor was I around the forums when ever you claimed me to be doing wrong. You’re a paranoid bitch, and I’m surprised your BF hasn’t left you already. No wonder you’re looking though, you must have a feeling he’ll leave you for your bitch-ness.

It’s pretty pathetic as well, cause she’s “friends” with old drama whore “Jenn”. They all run in packs. All them unhappily married or taken drama fucks that only has one thing better to do, and that’s to stir up drama. They’re all sour cunts. Plain and simple. Spread your shit words like a virus cunt, that’s what you all do best. In the end, you’ll lose the rest.

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Fatty fuckness…

It’s one thing to admit to me you want me, then throw me to the wolf pack, crying wolf. You’ve known who I was, you know me, don’t be lying and shit and claiming to assume you made a mistake. I can’t help the fact that you’re a damn coward fatty fuck face. You rather everyone in your life to control you, your feelings, your emotions, when you take a shit and piss. Don’t take it out on me fatness.

I actually like girls on the heavy side though, because usually they’re better than the skinny ones that claim to love me, and whore on me. I open up to you, you shit me out. I gave you me, you threw me away. You betrayed me, you lied, you told me stories and lies, and cornered me. Fuck you. I thought you were better then that. I was wrong. Fuck you. Fuck your fucking family and friends and fuck the games you played me with. Be their fucking puppet.

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The Puttet Master Moments..

I just find it funny that Spencer always gets setup for trouble, yet the parents of their own fucking kids aren’t there to begin with to control them. I’m such a bad person, “Oh boo hoo, Spencer is talking to my daughter.. Booo hoo”. Little do you know that your little miss perfect princess isn’t all she’s cracked up to be…

Drinking your liquor stash while you ain’t home, fucking whoever, when ever, throwing parties with their friends and shit. Lying every chance they get. Lying sluts, and cheats, fucking nasty little bitches they are. Head-game players worse than I ever was. Yeah, you got me not to worry about you fucking dumb fuck parents. Control your own cattle herd of rampage slut bitches.

You’re all fucking head game playing sluts, cheats, liars, you’re idiots to think you’ll ever be someone “special” to anyone. You’re all head game playing lying cunts. Fuck you all.

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Photo album for you from Therese on Windows Live….

Don’t you just hate all these fucking teaser spam mail messages? I do! Sometimes they actually name someone I know personally! At first, I see the title and think… “Oh Boy! More pictures of this chick that I think is cute and sexy! Whoo Hoo!

To this I say; MSN needs to control their fucking spammers better, because it’s bullshit. I’m tired of getting these fucking email notifications about people willing to share photos and etc, when they’re not real. They’re spammer fuckers, trying to lure your users in for a spam fest. And what’s really ironic and pisses me off is that all of the spam makes it to my email account, and that all of my legit friend’s emails and pictures lands in spam…

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The low toilet seat…

First off, let me just say that this isn’t geared towards the female gender; unless of course you have a huge sagging nut sack or a tranny, so please don’t take offense…

I’m not sure which dumb fuck created these things, but they need to stop creating them and selling them! And certain dumb-asses need to stop installing them in their houses! It’s one thing if you’re a male that don’t have a huge sagging nut sack, but for people like me we need the higher seats…

Thank God I thought quick, and rescued Peter Johnson and his two little nutty children before the ship sank. Now I have to clean them all off, and ship them off on the proper boat… Although; I just have to make sure they still won’t end up down a whirlpool some how. I’m done with this shit; flush!

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Fart obsession, much?

Generally I browse through the IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) about various actors and actresses to see what all movies they’ve played in and what-not, but this one person on a message board takes the cake.

garfodie2005 apparently is a 12 year old kid (age unknown for sure, but he surely acts like a 12 year old) because of his obsession with farts, or meeting actors because of their farts…

Um, okay kid…I highly doubt that you’ve met J.K. Simmons in an elevator on the 18th floor, by a fart… And then you just happen to be going to the 18th floor again with George Lopez, and the same thing happened?

If you read through most of this kid’s posts for message board replies, you’ll find that’s about all he asks about or talks about… Daniel BaldwinDanny DeVitoThe Apprentice (2004) series, Burn Notice (2007), and Jeffery Ross to name a few.

To help you out a little bit, why not take empty jelly jars around with you, to catch these farts? Of course don’t poke holes in the lids though, this way the farts will remain inside the jars. Maybe you could sell them on E-Bay? Listings could read like… “George Lopez fart, 2K bid start… Anything lower would smell like my own fart! An insult, because mine are of burnt Vaseline cause daddy rails my ass every night with his big cock. Haha t-hehehe.”

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