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28 February, 2007
Some site issues are now taken care of…– also tagged , , , , , , , ,

Last night I took care of a few site issues. I worked out the 20 some validation errors, I also fixed up the coding in a few theme files. I hope now, TGO’s posts come out ok! If not, I’ll have to dig deeper then. Well, that’s about it for now folks!! I’m tired as hell, […]

29 July, 2006
WordPress 2.0.4 has just been released!– also tagged , , , , , , ,

UPDATE: Upgrade has been complete for the past hour or so now. =) Just to let everyone know, WordPress 2.0.4 has just been released! Finally lol!   Also, just to let everyone know.. I’ll be uploading the “latest fixed” files from the SVN here soon.. so if things get quirky and funky.. that’s the reason why.. 

24 July, 2006
Upgrading to WordPress 2.0.4-beta quick!– also tagged , , , ,

UPDATE: Upgrade now complete! It won’t be long folks! WordPress 2.0.4 will be released! Just to let everyone know, I’ll be upgrading the blog to WordPress 2.0.4-beta quick! It won’t take long at all.. Just will upload a few files.. Just letting you know in advanced, in case things get quirky on here.. Hang tight.. should […]