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30 November, 2022
I’m Baaaack!– also tagged , , , , , , , ,

Welp, it’s almost been 12 long years now and I’m finally back again whoo hoo! I’ve come into the world as one ranting Vindictive Bastard and I’ll be leaving the world as one as well. I’ve had many various domain names, as well as authors on this blog. But going to ride this ride out […]

16 December, 2007
Come on people…– also tagged , , , , , , , , , , ,

You’ve been reading my blog for how long now? You should know better than to think everything I say in a blog post is meant to be taken seriously. Yes, some of the rants were written in a serious manner, but alot of the additional crap I added into the posts were mere sarcasm. Ask […]

28 January, 2007
I’ll be turning the comments back on again..– also tagged , , ,

I figured fuck it, since I’m hardly ever here posting.. I’ll turn the comments back on for the posts again. Who knows, with Ravin posting here now, you might actually want to leave some on his posts.. 😉 😀