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22 February, 2010
I’m back!– also tagged , , , , , , , , , ,

I still have things that need done though, post revamps, images uploaded, and etc. But the VindictiveBastard is back but under another name. We’ll have fun again people. Believe me. A new wave of drama and posts are scheduled soon, stay tuned!

15 April, 2008
Regarding the last theme…– also tagged , , , ,

I put back the original theme I had used before… I sold the other one off to a guy, so I can’t use it anymore. It’s his now. =D Just thought I’d let everyone know! But, I still have one coming for VB then.. patience people, she’ll come then.. =D

17 February, 2007
I wrote an update on Collegehumor.com an hour ago..– also tagged , , , , , ,

Yeah, so, I’ve had a link exchange with Collegehumor.com for a few good years now… And figured, fuck it, I my as well give a little something back to them, besides just sending them “hits”. So, about two hours ago I joined their site, and then wrote an Update on their site. Yeah, so I used one of my own articles, fuck […]