Shit sells!

And then quality don’t sell for a shit! As I was trying to prove a point in the DigishitalPoint forums.. I mean, Template Sales forums…

Bargain shoppers and cheap skates hurt the design / template creating market in general. Everyone expects designs / themes so cheap, it’s fucking bullshit! Then the quality unique stuff doesn’t want bought at reasonable (high) prices, it basically “forces” that seller / designer / coder to sell it at rock bottom prices, which is a disgrace.

Shit = Sells!
Quality = Don’t sell for a shit because everyone wants things FREE / cheap! It’s sickening.

I whipped up a couple QUICK designs at 5am something the other day, and tried selling them off once. Hell, I at LEAST thought this one would go faster!

It’s a one of a kind design! Totally unique and different from anyone else’s. Shit, how many other people out there have the exact same shit on their desktops that I do… None I’m sure..

The sale threads weren’t to be serious of course, just to see what people would do or not do about them… It’s amazing though…and at the same time, it’s total bullshit… Designs like the ones I whipped up normally go like hot cakes, however mine weren’t!?!?!?!?! WTF!?!?!?! LOL!

Ah well, at least there were a few people agreeing with me though. And to think, I wrote up a rant thread on their forums 305 days ago, about the exact same shit! I guess we all just gotta face the facts… DigitalPoint forums is the place to go to buy and sell the SHIT!

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