I Love It When…

I Love It When…

1) Someone asks to borrow like $5.00 or $10.00 and they say they will pay you back right away…but it takes 5 or 10 years by the time you actually get it back.

2) Someone calls every 5 minutes through out a day to see if that specific person is home yet, when it would be just as easy to get a tracking device put on their vehicle to start with….and make the call when the machine says their home.

3) Someone tries to make trouble or tear other peoples apart just because their “wonderful” relationship sucks.

4) Just because you get “saved” or “baptized”, they expect you to be a perfect Christian as soon as that happens, and your not suppose to do anything wrong…but look who’s talking half of the time.

5) You try and pick a good spot at the movies away from the loud mouths, kids, fat or tall people……but just as your luck goes….you usually get the tall ones in-front of you, the fat ones beside you, the kids behind you and the loud mouths all around you.

6) Someone takes 5 years to get out a 10 word question or comment and then spends a decade trying to ask another question or comment that was asked 4 decades prior and already had an answer to start with……

7) Every time you go to the dept. store the staff comes up to you every 10 seconds asking if you need help……It’s like….you could help me by leaving me alone for at least 15 minutes while I browse around…

8) People throw the blame on you when they are fucking up the shit to start with and expect you not to get upset about it, at all….


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