Twisted’s Wonderful War Idea….

Ok peoples… is my idea for how we should do the WAR IN CRAP IRAQ or where ever basically. Who we should send over will be listed below. Then below that is my reasoning for wanting to send them listed ppls over there.

1) We should send all the homosexuals and lesbians or whatever over there instead of troops! (I’m not really against them, but over there….Im sure they are!

2) Send over all the bitches, bi polars and psycho sluts and the like. Any women that drive men nuts could go under this catagory.

3) Send the murderers, psychos, killers or whatever.

4) Send stupid Bush and some of the stupid political bastards over there.

5) Send some death metal rock groups over there to….some like Korn, Hecate Enthroned, God Dethroned, Rob Zombie, Cradle Of Filth, Manson and groups like that. (Don’t get me wrong, I have them CDs and I like them music groups, but over there, Mmmm…I don’t think they’d like that shit too much LOL!!)

Ok…If we send the following ppls over there to Iraq or where ever there is a war going on….I think most would just run and or try to kill themselves right away. Maybe even say FUCK IT ALL! WE WILL SIGN THE PEACE TREATY NOW GOD DAMN IT!!

Can you just imagine….having a shitload of bitches and bi polars walking down the street towards you!? HOLY HELL! I would either run like hell and hide….or kill myself! I can just picture them over there….seeing them bitches and shit going after them or running up towards them LOL!! OMFG! It would be so fucking funny! They would all be scattering around like chickens with their heads cut off! Prolly capping themselves on the spot hahaha!

And hearing the screaming, cackling bitchy voices of the bitches and them yelling! COME ON GIRLS! or COME ON BITCHES! LETS GET THEM LITTLE BASTARDS! hahaha!

But, I think we should use the Bitches and Bi Polars last….mostly for interrogation purposes and shit. I think we should send stupid Bush and the stupid political bastards first….this way we can let them see how stupid “We” are as a nation for having elected a dumb ass from hell to be the leader of our land! And have Bush over there saying something retarded like, the USA is unprotected cause Im not over there or something to that affect. (Please note: We will send the others over to but have them hidden for the time being or something.)

This is used as a deploy or just to trick them into thinking the USA is all just a bunch of retards from hell! This would be awesome….even though Im sure they can see that now on TV maybe…but just follow along with me please! When they are over there doing bullshit work like normal or if they would, prolly most likely….they (Arabs and shit) would think WELL LETS DO A TERRIORIST ATTACK NOW! A good time for it!

All the little ARAB, Iraqi bastards would come outta their little ground hog holes or shit holes where ever they are hiding for the time being and be all out in the wide open! Then! This is where we could use the murderers and killers….they could go nuts doing what they do best! KILLING PEOPLE! If they would happened to get killed or shot, FUCK IT! What would matter right?! It would be alot better then spending (wasting) millions of dollars keeping them all locked up in prisons right? They could kill off them bastards over there and would become heros, well maybe NOT! LOL!

Anyways…then…we could use the Rock groups and Bi Polars for interrogation purposes. I think they did use the Rock Group thing already as a matter of fact for interrogating someone. This would be awesome….they wouldn’t even hesitate…a few minutes in a room with Hecate Enthroned playing something or Rob Zombie…..they’d be like…OK OK! I GIVE UP! I’LL TELL YOU EVERYTHING! Even with a bitch or bi polar in their faces….they would give up anything and everything! Prolly even wanna kill themself then to! When the interrogating process is over with….while being in the jails…then that’s where the homos and lesbians come in to play.

They could be in there with them, just to comfort them and so on ya know. Make them feel better after a long hard day with the Rock Groups and Bi Polar BITCHES! I mean come on! They like hiding in HOLES right?! Well…this way besides being in the “HOLE” (Prision Hole) so to speak..they would also be able to be in the (ASS) HOLES in the HOLE! LOL!!

Welp! I think it sounds like a cool plan! I dunno about you….but, FUCK IT! IM DONE! Later All! If ya wanna add something…please do!


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