If anyone wants a taste of life right before someone could be institutionalized…you should work where I work. I don’t know why it’s even a nursing home, it should be the STATE HOSPITAL for the insane peoples.

To make a long story short. Well! I’ll try and make it short lol! Here below is the reasons:

1) A SHITTY PAYCHECK! (Don’t make enough money for the shit ya gotta put up with all the damn time! No benefits what’s so ever.)

2) TOO MUCH BULLSHIT STRESS FOR NOTHING! (If you don’t have enough stress…they will make sure you get it! You can’t go a day without them making life harder for you! I think I’d rather be a prisioner in Iraq while taking my chances of being beheaded and shit! Alteast I would have more benefits and possibly fed better! LOL!)

3) NO FREE MEALS NOW! (We use to be able to eat meals free! Now we have to buy retarded meal tickets to pay for shit they are going to throw out anyways! This is fucking bullshit!…most of us only bring in like $400.00 a month…now were suppose to take out like atleast 10% of our paychecks for food. And for WHAT!!?? We have to put our money back into a place that don’t give us SHIT to start with! This is fucked up! They don’t know how to treat employees and they wonder why they can’t keep anyone! AH! GO FIGURE IDIOTS!)

4) OUR WORK HOURS SUCK ASS! (We hardly get descent hours to work! It’s like fucking 20 some hours if that, a week! What the hell!? I have worked at seasonal jobs that gave more hours then these fuckers, shit! Even if you went around town or something mowing peoples lawns every day…you could bring home more money and get more hours in a week! JESUS!)

5) NO BENEFITS (There is jack shit on the benefits line! Of course the part-time peoples don’t get shit…but I think they should give us something! I mean for all the shit we have to go through daily..they should have something to offer to help keep the workers. This is the main reason why they were losing people before….they were hired and had quit like a week later. They seen how shit was done there and didn’t like it. Cause you have too much bullshit and nothing in return but more bullshit!)

6) BREAKS WENT TO HELL! (Before we had a half hour break…now we get 15 minutes. This change wasn’t too bad…but when it comes to finding the time to take that 15 minutes, it’s a little hard! Also..since they want all us smokers to smoke in the back of the damn buillding now…which is like a 3 minute walk….then to smoke a cigarette which takes like 5 to 10 minutes, then to walk back into the work area…BREAK IS DONE! NO TIME TO EAT THE FOOD YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR NOW!)

7) 99% WOMEN 1% MEN! (This really sucks ass! The only two men there is me and a guy supervisor! Of course he don’t get the bitches on his ass being that he is supervisor! I GET ALL THE BULLSHIT AND STRESS! When he goes for the day..I swear they all give the code to each other… TIME TO BITCH AND TREAT TWISTED LIKE HELL! LETS SEE HOW LONG HE CAN TAKE IT BEFORE GOING TO AN INSTUTITE OR KILLING HIMSELF! Cause that is all I get…they bitch at me for stupid shit, that they don’t like, but then they do the shit Im getting bitched at for to start with! WHAT THE HELL! I’m not even doing anything to start with! WHATEVER BITCHES! Alot of the times I got written up for stupid reasons and most of that was instigated by them anyways…fuckers! DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN!)

There is some more bullshit..but I’ll do them later on. Now for the good points about the job!

1) FREE THERAPY! (One of the benefits we all get is….FREE THERAPY! WOOT WOOT! I wonder why!!?? Mmmm…makes ya wonder right LOL!!? I never went to a therapist yet through or from work…but I might just try it sometime! But Im sure it’s stupid as hell! They prolly just going to tell me to stick it out and shit and try to make the best of it! Which I ALREADY AM TRYING TO MAKE THE BEST OF THE SHIT WORK AS OF NOW AND I STILL GET BITCHED AT! BECAUSE THE BITCHES DO NOT LIKE TO HAVE FUN UNLESS OF COURSE I’M THE ONE THAT IS THE TARGET FOR THEIR FUN! THAT’S THE ONLY WAY IT IS FUN FOR THEM….WHEN THEY BITCH AT ME, BLAME ME FOR EVERYTHING, AND MAKE MY LIFE A LIVING A HELL!)

2) YOU CAN’ T GET FIRED! (I’m quite sure if you bitch slapped a supervisor in the face…they would look at you and they would give you more hours! HAHAHA! Naa…but it is very hard to get fired from the shithole! Reason being is that they know it’s hard as hell to keep anyone there let alone having to fire someone. That would be hard on them in the long spend a few weeks training someone and them actually staying for a good period of time…then having to fire them over stupid shit……it wouldn’t make any sense really. It just makes things tougher on themselves. Which they don’t want but they will have no problems making things tougher for you! IF THEY FIRED SOMEONE, IT WOULD ONLY BE A BLESSING FROM THE LORD! SAVES US THE TROUBLE OF HAVING TO QUIT LOL!!)

Anyways…I really need another job and fast..but in my area the jobs are scarce and it’s really hard to get hired some where, especially if you have my employer down as the recent job reference! IT FUCKING SUCKS ASS! My as well go back to being homeless again with nothing…..would only make sense! Makes more sense then the shit I have now LOL! Anyways…..I’m done! I’ll prolly update this post then later..


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