Meds for the bi-polars maybe…

Mmm…I seen this from an email and figured I my as well post it here. Maybe it can help them find the right medications a bit quicker and possibly cheaper. Who knows!! Here below is the listings.

New products: valium, xanax, diazepam (gen va1ium), levitra, alprazolam (gen xanax), soma (carisoprodol), fioricet (gen)

Categories meds that we have (which saave you up to 70% OFF):
muscle relaxants, sleeping aids, pain relief, woman health, mens health, sexual health, quit smoking, allergies, skin care, anti depressants & much more categorized meds

Cheaap 0ffeer:
30 Va1ium [anti depressants] 5mg – $ Best Priice
30 Xanax [anti depressants] 1mg – $ Best Priice
3 Cia1is [mens health] 20mg – $127
30 Phentermine [weight–loss]> 15mg – $99
60 Soma [muscle relaxants] 350mg – $99
30 Fioricet [pain relief] 40mg – $109
30 Cyclobenzaprine [pain relief] 10mg – $109
5 Via agra [sexuual health] 100mg – $139

Here is the link for ya!

Well…I suggest buying some of them or something. Maybe things will be nicer for you and your lover. AH! I DOUBT IT! BUT, IT’S WORTH A TRY RIGHT?! HAHAHA! FUCKING BITCHES! Before too long, I’ll be needing them, because of all the stupid nonsense stress you put on me and shit LOL!


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