Even Mother Nature Is A Bitch!

I swear….Mother Nature can even be a fucking bitch at times! IF SHE AIN’T GETTING NOOKIE THEN WE ALL HAVE TO SUFFER!

She needs to get laid more often or something….geesh! ONE DAY or WEEK STRAIGHT, IT RAINS AND THUNDERSTORMS NON FUCKING STOP….THE NEXT IT’S COLD AS A MOTHER FUCKER AND RAINS OR IT’S JUST COLD! WHAT THE FUCK!? They use to say when it rains….it’s just God pissing…but I think it’s Mother Nature crying because she didn’t get the dick she should be getting!

Jesus or God!? Please give Mother Nature some NOOKIE! Then we don’t have to suffer with shitty fucking weather all the damn time! All you have to ask her is, YOU DO WHAT FOR HOW MANY COOKIES!? THERE! IT’S ALL ON THE TABLE, SHE WILL TELL YA WHAT SHE DOES FOR 12 COOKIES!… AMEN GOD DAMN IT!  (Please note: Better make them cookies…OREOS cause she likes them alot…hint! hint!)

Im out…laterz


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