New Layout …..Please Read….

I am currently adding a new layout to my Plog. The shitty Yellow color and retarded link colors will be changing soon! Please bare with me while I work on the color scheme for it. You should know by now that I hate bright shitty colors lol! Anyways….I hope to have this changed real soon. Thanks for your time. UPDATE: I do like bright colors though, just not like all Yellow, Red and such as the overall main color…..but I don’t mind white and a few other colors as the main color. I’m actually thinking about going White as the main color and adding a few other darker ones to make it look cool like, well I hope lol.

(Please note: No disrespect to the template maker about me not liking the colors. Each person has their own opinions on what colors they like. I love his layout though hehe…just had to change the colors to fit along with my site. That’s all… =) )


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