You know you are a Bipolar Bitch if….

You know you are a bipolar if….

1) If 99% of the guys that hangout with you spend all their time kissing your ass rather then
telling you how they really feel about you because they don’t wanna end up getting therapy!

2) 1% of the men are telling you off and how they really feel about you, but you are just too stupid and bitchy to realize your only going to end up with SHIT, because of your BITCHY attitude all the time and you can’t accept it!

3) When no more then 5 seconds into a conversation you start bitching and snapping on someone because of whatever they may have said…even if it’s something nice.

4) You have the nerve to talk about peoples and get them into trouble…but if it happens to you, it’s a sin! And then they have endless HELL and BITCHING to deal with.

5) The first thing that comes outta your mouth in the morning is BITCHING, about something stupid or don’t matter.

6) You are never satistified with anything, no matter what one does to make you happy or please you, YOUR STILL A DAMN BIPOLAR BITCH!

7) Your own therapist needs tons of medications and therapy, and then even his therapist needs tons of meds and therapy!

8) Even if you took 2 times the original amount of medications prescribed by your doctor and everyone still see’s no improvement!

9) The pharmacys do not think they have enough medication to supply the demand for your Bipolarness!

10) While having your period your nice as can be, but when the period is over, you are all

11) Someone else’s stupididity pisses you off, but when your being stupid it’s ok.

12) You expect others to take ALL YOUR SHIT and treat you like a fucking PRINCESS! NOT!! DON’T FUCKING THINK SO BITCHES!

13) You treat everyone like shit and use them, and then expect money, material things in-return! AH! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOUR GETTING SHIT FROM ANYONE HAHAHA! REALITY CHECK BITCHES!

14) You can’t stand the fact of being wrong about anything and any issues. You always have to be right! Or you always have to have the last word in any fucking argument! EVEN IF YOUR NOT ALWAYS RIGHT AND YOU JUST WANNA LOOK LIKE MRS. GOODIE GOODIE, BUT REALLY YOUR JUST THE BIGGEST PILE OF SHIT!

15) You treat all the people that are really nice to you like SHIT, but kiss the ass of those that are really being assholes to you!


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