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I just got the Alexa search bar added onto my IE Browser now, and I keep looking at my Traffic rank for both domains. DAMN! Does it suck ass LOL! Now, Please note though, that I had the domain for a few years now….but I didn’t have my site up on the domain again till this past January. is new and it’s at: 5,883,477 as I’m posting this message. Which I hope will change as well in the future. That name was just purchased not long ago and it’s expected to be reading really low. has been registered for a few years now..but was just put up again recently so it’s not going to be reading too great either lol. So I hope this changes to, in the near future. It’s at: 1,851,864 as I’m posting this message. Maybe I shouldn’t have changed the domain name’s around…DAMN ME! Even though they bring you to the same place…it’s hurting more then ever now, cause Twisted-Society was already established before a few years ago…and that kinda helps. But, now I changed the properties of the domains around…so the newest is the main one and so forth…and I think it’s killing it’s overall ranking progress. I dunno…

But, I don’t think my site is doing too bad for it being up for a short period of time. I know it might seem like a descent amount of time has passed…but really it’s not. Alot of sites have been up for years and took forever to get any “real” amount of incoming hits and visitors. I hope my site continues to grow and get big. But, I’m sure that will be a good while yet.

I also know I have alot of content to add, and that will be coming soon! I have been working my ass off on a new site layout…and it’s coming along pretty good now. It’s almost ready to upload. I also, sense that there is alot of whining bastards out there complaining about my site content..or the Plog content rather….and to them I have to say…….SHUT THE FUCK UP AND MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS BITCHES! Hahaha!

I know there is alot of people out there that can relate to alot of the shit I am posting everyday…but, I think they are just too scared to post their comments because they think I will jump on their asses…but…like I said before..that would only happen if someone gets smart assed or what-not towards me. If your going to post something cool…descent or whatever..SHIT! GO RIGHT AHEAD LOL! I don’t care! 

Well, for example… is someone that had added me to their MSN Messenger Friend’s List and this is a little of what they said:

[03:22:42 AM] Twisted-: wassup….? who is this by the way
[03:23:30 AM] skrillaz: oh
[03:23:31 AM] skrillaz: ummmm
[03:23:33 AM] skrillaz: well
[03:23:33 AM] skrillaz: i dont know
[03:23:36 AM] skrillaz: just read your rant
[03:23:37 AM] skrillaz: funny
[03:23:40 AM] skrillaz: your my hero now
[03:23:48 AM] Twisted-: hahaha…..which rant
[03:23:54 AM] skrillaz: some of the more recent ones
[03:23:55 AM] skrillaz: 🙂
[03:24:04 AM] skrillaz: girlfriend, about ms sucks, slave to air
[03:24:05 AM] skrillaz: hehehe
[03:24:33 AM] Twisted-: LOL!! yeah….fucking bipolar bitches and
              shit…..fucking pisses me off
[03:24:44 AM] skrillaz: haha
[03:24:44 AM] skrillaz: yeah
[03:24:45 AM] skrillaz: dude
[03:24:47 AM] skrillaz: fuck girls

Now….see..I’m not an asshole all the time lol! I have also exchanged links with Megaflow Beer Funnel Co. and the owner of added me to their site blog links section. So hopefully my site will grow and continue to grow within the next few years. If you wanna help my site grow…as well as your’s. Please send me an email…so we could maybe do a link exchange! Anyways…good luck to all of you with your site’s and I hope you keep coming back to visit mine. I gotta get back to this site layout so…laterz…


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