Have you heard this before?


The other day I was thinking about a “corny” (or whatever) pick up line to use on the ladies. I’m NOT SURE if this was said before or not! But, if it wasn’t….IT’S MINE and If people start using it, remember where it came from lol! I WANT CREDIT! Link to my site or something! Anyways..below here is a few variations of it! (Please note: This is for those with fewer braincells then I.!! “Unwrap“, meaning like toDe-Clothe or “Unwrap“, meaning likeGetting ready for some nookie in the sack! You get the picture, I’m sure lol!) Anyways…on with the CORNYNESS!

1) They say I’m God’s gift to women, would you like to be the first one to unwrap me?

2) I’ve heard I’m God’s gift to women, do you wanna be the first one to unwrap me?

3) It is known that I am God’s gift to women, so here is your gift from God.

4) It’s well known that I am God’s gift to women, would you like to unwrap your gift now or later?

5) Would you like your gift from God now or later?

That is all I can come up with right now. If I think of more, I’ll add them later. Anyways…I gotta get to bed, I got a shit-load of stuff to do tomorrow. Remember, if it wasn’t thought of before, I wouldn’t mind getting some link backs or credit for it LOL!! Haha..it prolly was though. I know it’s corny and all…but, fuck it! If ya don’t like it, lick it and stick it in ya ass! Laterz..


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