I have officially received the email from vB headquarters….


I have recieved the email yesterday morning early, actually. But, I had not downloaded the legal copy of it until just now. 7:00 am on this fucking early Thursday morning. I have uploaded the files as of now to, so it’s up and running. It’s just a blank board now….no forums are added and such.. but..I will give the link out later then when everything is situated. =)

Also, I had uploaded the phpBB plus board lastnight and added a theme. Being that today, Thursday is my last day for this week, I’ll be updating everything this weekend. Friday, Sat and Sunday. You should be able to access both forums atleast by Sat. I hope anyways….well..maybe if not both, just one. Who knows! Only time will tell! Well! I just thought I would share this all with you…and I’m out for today……NEED SLEEP BEFORE SHIT WORK! Gotta collect the paycheck today to! Damn I’m happy…laterz all…


P.S. Here is the copy of the one vB email below..some things are blotched out though, because I can’t give that information out lol!!


Thank you for placing an order at vBulletin.com!  This email contains
everything you need to know to use your new products and services.
You will receive an additional order receipt email shortly.

——- New Licenses ————————————–

Your customer account has been credited with 1 new licenses:

~ vBulletin Owned License #XXXXXXXX

These licenses will be active until 08-18-2005.
With leased licenses, you must either renew the license or stop
running the software on this date.  With owned licenses this mean you
will have access to download all new versions up to that date.  After
that date you can continue running the software but will need to renew
in order to regain access to download the latest versions.

——- CUSTOMER DETAILS ———————————-

For complete information about the products and services you have
purchased, please log into the members area using this info:

Customer Number: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Customer Password: xxxxxxxxxxx

vBulletin Members Area:

If you have any queries about this order, please contact our sales
team via email at sales@vbulletin.com, quoting order number

Thank you for your business!

vBulletin Sales Team

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