Another blog?? …


I have been thinking about making another blog up or something. I was thinking about making one up that isn’t so ignorant or rantful. I don’t know though…I post alot of my inside feelings of anger and shit on here…and it’s seems to be the only thing that people like these days.

I also feel that there is alot of people out there that like nice content just as much. Like I said hundreds of times before, I’m not really an asshole in real life, meaning person to person….I could be if need be…but, not usually. I’m really the opposite of what I might have come across to ppls on here. Anyone that had read my posts in message boards and msn chat with me….knows I like to joke around, get sarcastic, speak fairly nicely and I like to have a good time.

The ranting and stuff on here is the deepest feelings or my outlook on bullshit problems, relationships, and life in general. I’m one that likes to get shit off my chest…without trying to create more problems for myself in real life so to speak…my life already sucks ASS….and I don’t need to make it worse. So, I’m using my Plog or Blog to release my anger and hateful feelings, so I am more relaxed and shit in “real life”.

I dunno…I’m thinking about making a Plog that is basically the opposite of this one here…and NO ONE HAS TO READ IT IF THEY DON’T WANT TO !! Also! I will not stop posting shit on here, there is always going to be HELL IN MY SUCKY ASS LIFE, so there will be a constant flow of posts. That’s a promise!

Anyways..this might happen over my long weekend…I’ll keep everyone updated then… I’m out for now…ta ta..


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