A new look coming soon!

With all the bullshit problems with the spyware and computer, I am almost forced to keep my layouts simple. I could spend days and hours on the look of the site, but …..fuck it. I still have Fireworks 4 and Flash MX as far as I know, up and running. I’m NOT a Flash expert….none the less….I plan on doing all my imagery with Fireworks 4.

I plan on doing a whole new look for the main site, and really soon. My plans are to keep shit simple, I’m done with all this up all fucking early morning working on shit. It’s just too much, and the end result….nothing gets done (content adding wise) to the main site. Before everything goes poof again, I’m going to add almost every fucking post to the new main site.

The “templates” part of main site is going to go down most likely. Being that I lost alot of mine that was already made. The only two I have now, are the ones on the main site and the “grey” which you can view from the main site index page. The link is also pasted in a post I have done a few days ago on here.

Regarding the Porn Gallery, like I had said….all my porn images went poof! I have none now, I don’t have any fucking movies either. Which fucking sucks horse wang…but..what can I do?! I plan on going and getting more saved again, but for now…it’s not on my “DO NOW GOD DAMN IT LIST“!

Also, that new link exchange page shit is done. Fuck it! The old links page is up and running again. And that will be re-done later along with new layout. Everything will be re-done again. Anyways, I just thought I’d let everyone know what was going on. Well…I gotta get back to doing shit with the new layout and such. Laterz…

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