Things going on and on and on some more…

But, nothing ever changes here at my Site, Blog and Porn gallery. Mmm…I could spend all day making up excuses for my lack of updates and shit…but, it still won’t change the fact that I’m just fucking lazy.

No, I have been working on the new site layout lately, when I have time. It’s probably about 46.5% done now maybe. I dunno, fuck it. Even though it took me a god damn 2 and half days to download Photoshop CS and get started on shit, if it’s not’s the weather, me watching my boys or what not.

But, today I’ll have more of a jump on shit because the roads are still shitty and I don’t have a fucking job no more! Which I’ll explain more in another post. Anyways, hopefully by the end of today, the layout will be about ready to upload. Just thought I’d let everyone know what is going on. I’m done with this for now…gotta start working on my layout again. TaTa…..

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