Sites and Blogs that USED TO link here…

It’s always nice to have to start all over again when it comes to promoting a website/blog. Especially when your original domain name that was getting good hits and such went down the shitter like mine!

It’s just plain old horse dung really….I spent over a year promoting along with the Plog and was getting great amounts of incoming hits. Now I gotta start all over again… > < Well, I just re-added my Blog to Technorati’s Blog Finder again!! And of course, there is no blogs linking to me, which is to be expected. Hopefully again, I’ll get my tons of incoming hits back.

Before while running the .com domain name, my Alexa rank had gone from the original 3,000,000 something to 90,000 something within a few months and was able to do a link exchange with Which as far as I know, I still have an account with, well I’m sure I do, I just logged into that the other week and updated the site blog’s link.

And of course, all the other’s listed in the Linkswap section. Not to mention some friend’s blogs, that I didn’t list on here. Anyway, hopefully I can get it all back to the way it was before, and if you want to do a link exchange with me, send me an email. I gotta get to bed, I got one day surgery tomorrow…..tata..

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