Taco Bell Turned Taco Hell!…. Part 2!

Well! After calling the Taco Hell’s Manager! I got me a letter in the mail saying how sorry they were for the fuck up bullshit! And they sent me a $4.00 off card! Woot Woot!!

I should do that all the damn time…and use other people’s phones while doing it lmao! Just make up names and use their addresses….so they keep sending me $4.00 off cards! Naa…I wouldn’t do that! But one thing he did tell me though, here it is below:

1) Specify when ordering a “T2″ to make it a “Baja Chicken”…because if you don’t…you will get “Baja Beef” automatically!

The problem with my orders were….I did say “Baja Chicken” and still got the fucking “Baja Beef Slop Of Fuck”!

It does pay to speak up about their fuck ups! Remember that! Well, that’s all this for this Taco Hell posting shit, time to go spend that $4.00 off card lmao!! Laterz….


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