Dial Up is shit….

I hate having the same old shitty ass Dial Up connection for the internet. But, when you don’t have the money at the moment..it works. Works like a fucking old grandma in the checkout line…fucking takes hours till she moves along… shit!

Just an example of how long it fucking takes to download a semi-huge program like Photoshop CS:

1) WITH A SHITTY ASS DIAL UP CONNECTION, IT WOULD TAKE A GOD DAMN: 14 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES….OR SO! FUCKING HELL! And even then….that wouldn’t promise me anything, because with my shitty JUNO connection…it tends to cut me off due to: INACTIVITY! What the fuck?! Piece of shit JUNO! And the fucked up part is, IM ACTIVE THE WHOLE DAMN TIME! Jesus Mc Fucking Christ! What the hell!? And to make matters worse….I’d have to start downloading it all over again. Even if I had the download at 98% or 99% done! It’s just fucking bullshit!

2) WITH A DSL CONNECTION…NOW WE ARE LOOKING AT AN HOUR TOPS! Now, that is so much better! Fuck! I’d rather it be an hour then 14 hours and so minutes….jesus! But, of course…like anything good…it costs money. Money you really don’t have, but wanna spend anyways because that’s the way us humans are. I’d rather spend about $30.00 a month on a DSL connection then my bills! You would to right? Yes…you would!

3) WITH A T1 CONNECTION…NOW I’M ONLY LOOKING AT LIKE 15 MINUTES! WHOA! FUCKING AWESOME! I’m not sure how much that costs a month…but I’m sure it’s alot more then DSL. I’d probably have to give up two or three things (bills) a month, just to have that T1 Connection. Mmm…what would they be….mmmm….I dunno. Maybe the cell phone bill, maybe even a loan ….fuck it. Atleast I could get online, get shit done quick and get the fuck off quicker. That’s all that really matters right? Yes….yes it is.

I do know one thing though, I’m about ready to take this SHITTY JUNO CONNECTION and connect it with their asshole’s. Get a patent and copyright for the “new” JUNO BUTTPLUG! And sell it for ONLY $9.95 a month, or maybe just the one time fee of $9.95! Either way…they would be getting something “JUNO” and have it work like it’s supposed to! Now that’s a bargain right!? Fuck yeah it is! Anyways..I’m done with this fucking JUNO bullshit…later…

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