[Brand New] Upgrade Complete!


I also noticed that the fucking god damn PRINT PLUGIN isn’t working again! JESUS FUCKING MC CHRIST!! I’ll have to fix that then…

< — end of the fucking stupid ass update — >

As far as I fucking know, the upgrading to WordPress version 2.0 went smoothly! WOOT!! WOOT!! If anyone can tell me if there is any errors or if I find some, I’ll try and fix the fuckers!

The only thing I noticed errors for so far is the WP-STATS page. I’m going to see if there is an updated version of that and then reupload it. Anyways….thanks for your patience!! Hopefully everything else is fine. I did check each page out and it appears the only fucked up page so far is that STATS Page.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a whole other look on here as well! A new theme is coming soon! Later…


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