[brand new] random thoughts on my dumbass girlfriend…

UPDATED: June 10th, 2006… I added numbers beside each Shoutbox comment, and I just want to say, that I’m no longer with the dumbass… I’m single again ladies..contact me!! Please! I need someone normal!!

I mean..she’s something.. I know I posted repeatedly how girlfriends and wives can be the dumbest ppl around..but my recent one, would just be too damn lazy to even think about it!

I swear ppls. Here is some Smiletag shoutbox comments made by me, as the shit was going on! You be the judge of it… lol!

1) We’ll have to come up with a bed on wheels to, with a motor and shit, so if she wants to drive around, she can just start it up and go….and yet still be in bed lmao!

2) Our relationship is great, she sleeps for 23 hours and is up for One….. lmao..

3) Well, she awake now, better start the stop watch lmao!

4) Brb…gotta check on the dumbass girlfriend because she’s making hamburgers…don’t need her falling asleep while the stove is on lmao!!

5) Welp! She went back to sleep again!! WTF!!?? JESUS MC CHRIST LMAO!!

6) It’s 3:07 am here, and she’s still here fluckin sleeping… wtf…She fucking slept all god damn day earlier…what the fuck!? 18 hours wasn’t good enough I guess!?!?

7) She finally went home now, Jesus..I just hope she don’t fall asleep behind the wheel or anything.. lol!!

8) I have the best relationshit in the world now, my dumbass girlfriend sleeps 23 hours a day and is up for 1… lol!!

Just long enough for me to get money from her and blow it on beer, and tuck her back into bed again…!!

Anyway, I’m drinking and I gotta come up with more…and believe me, there is more.. later …..


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