It appears I’m still listed on the Ebaum’s Humor Portal yet…

It’s hard to believe that I’m still listed on there, however, I had started that account with them back when I had my domain name.

And before the domain name had expired and was lost by me, then was taken over by some other fuck twat domain name company, trying to charge me $300.00 some dollars to get back my original $15.00 dollar domain name.


(Click on image to see a more clear screen shot of it.)

It also appears that I had given them 33 “Hits In” at that time and they gave 31 “Hits Out”, which is awesome too.

Not really sure if all that’s true though, but whatever..fuck it! At least I know I’m still Mc Fucking Awesome lmao!! I’m done with this, I’m out…later..


P.S. And yes! The image was cropped a little bit so it’s smaller in size to help on the “page load time”, even though I don’t think it helped much lol!! Oh well, fuck it!!

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