Spam Subject Titles..aren’t they nice?

Welp! The topic for today is: SHITTY SPAM SUBJECT TITLES..

Even though I usually write wonderful posts about the shitty ass spam emails itself, I figured fuck it, why not have one dedicated to the Shitty Ass Spam Subject Titles!

Ok, here below are various Subject Titles from spam emails that came into my Yahoo email box. And then below each one is my little comment on it. Hope ya enjoy it lol!

1) Darrin Crandall – Subject Title: 66% of members got laid

Really!? 66%.. Is that all!? Jesus Fuck! So if I read this email of your’s and maybe joined, I’d have the chance of falling into that catagory of not being laid then right? If that’s what you’re basically saying, then I’d rather not even view your shitty ass email to begin with fuck face! Why don’t you just take that 66% of the shitty ass spam emails you’re sending and shove it up your ass!!??

2) __________ – Subject Title: [none]

Mmm, it’s always nice to know that even spammer bastard ghosts can send emails! What the fuck bitch, didn’t you even want to try to entice me to read the email you sent me or something!!? I mean shit! After reading the subject title, my guess is there really ain’t shit in there to begin with!! Nice try prick, really I mean it!! Maybe atleast try using: [Something Is In Here] for the Subject Title or something lmao!!

3) cars – Subject Title: tell us the car you want, and we take care of the rest

It appears besides spammer bastard ghosts sending spam emails now, now we have cars to! This is incredible! If you’re being serious about what you said in the Subject Title, then fuck yeah!! I would like a new car, it just might take a little while to think of the “one” I really want though. Just be patient assclown! It’s bad enough I lost my last one, and I’m a broke dick motherfucker! So if you’re willing to take care of the finances, then fuck yeah! I’ll read that email of your’s. NOT!! Don’t think so bitch!

4) hair-loss – Subject Title: balding got you down?

Well hair-loss, not really! What get’s me down, is these stupid ass fucking emails from you! For one thing, I ain’t bald, bitch!! Secondly! The only thing that comes close to being bald on my body is my ball sacks, being that I just shaved down there not long ago! Thirdly!! Just licky my hairless ball sacks bitch!!

5) ChangeIsGood – Subject Title: Im ready for change-how about you

You got that right god damn it!! I’m right there with you fuck face!! For starters, why not try (changing the subject title by:) adding a fucking “?” at the end of your Subject Title prick!? Secondly!! Why not just change your emailing habits from me, to just keeping it to yourself bitch!? Thirdly!! Why not just get a fucking sex change and then run around in the street naked…yelling I WANT TO CHANGE!!?? Could be interesting ya know lol!!

Alrighty then, that’s about all for this post lol! Being that it takes long enough to just add five! Nah, who am I trying to kid lol, I’m just a lazy fucker lmao! I’ll be making up another post soon! Even though the next one might have short and sweet comments by me, rather then book length ones lol!! Please keep checking in for it… Welp! I’m done for now…tata assclowns lol!!

P.S. Please note: That I know that the fucking senders do not always use their own names and shit, but I listed them as they were in my email box, and I’m just fucking around with it. If ya can’t handle that, then would you like me to forward them to you!!? Alright then god damn it, I figure you wouldn’t lol!! Laterz….

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