[Brand New] Spam Subject Titles PT2!!

Welp! It’s that time again lmao! The topic for today is: SHITTY SPAM SUBJECT TITLES PT 2!! ..

Even though I usually write wonderful posts about the shitty ass spam emails itself, I figured fuck it, why not have one dedicated to the Shitty Ass Spam Subject Titles!

Ok, here below are various Subject Titles from spam emails that came into my Yahoo email box. And then below each one is my little comment on it. Hope ya enjoy it lol!

1) Find a date – Subject Title: View pictures of Singles In Your Area.

Well Find A Date, I’d rather not! Most of the Females in my area couldn’t get a horse or dog stiff, but then again that’s prolly why they are out on their hands and knees trying their damndest to get them off though. Because 98% of them can’t get a date, find a date or even meet a mate lmao!1

2) Credit-Repair – Subject Title: Repair your credit.

Sorry to tell ya this Credit-Repair, my credit is way beyond being able to repair! I think filing bankruptcy and then legally changing my name is alot easier then taking your route. Sorry shit face!

3) Up For A Chat – Subject Title: tonights the night,im available

Oh you… slut you!! Well I’m glad to hear you’re available tonight, but I think I’ll have to take a raincheck on that one! Maybe some other time SLUT!

4) Cheaper Insurance – Subject Title: Tired of paying for doctors visits?

Well Cheaper Insurance, not really! It doesn’t get any cheaper then Medical Assistance lmao! Nice try though, fucking twat!

5) Find Love – Subject Title: Meet people for seven days at no cost to you.

Sounds very tempting Find Love, but NOT! I ain’t that retarded!1 Everyone knows that it might be free for the Seven days, but you’ll have to signup with a shitty credit card or checking account, then get nailed like a cheap hooker after the seventh day is up! If you wouldn’t mind, how about you meeting up with credit card statement bitch! Maybe catch me up on the details and shit later..!!??

6) Abigail Engle – Subject Title: Re: Our last email

Dear Abigail Bitch, that’s funny…I don’t remember the first email!! Nice try cunt!

7) CriminalsBeware – Subject Title: dead end job? start cop training today

Nah! I think I’ll pass on that one! I hate fucking cops! Prick! And you should to, being that after awhile you just might have a run-in with them because you keep sending out these fucking spam emails fucker! How ironic! Your own naming is telling you something! Good luck shit for brains!!

8) Brent Winter – Subject Title: I know what you’re Going trough

Nah Brent, I don’t think you do! Do you know what it’s like to have to delete like 600 or more spam emails from an email box account every fucking day!!? Even after you have the spam guards set! Fucker! How about if I send ya all my shit daily just so you can really know what I go through every fucking day! Fucking dumbass!

Alrighty then, that’s about all for this post lol! I’ll be making up another post soon! Even though the next one might have short and sweet comments by me, rather then book length ones lol!! Please keep checking in for it… Welp! I’m done for now…tata assclowns lol!!

P.S. Please note: That I know that the fucking senders do not always use their own names and shit, but I listed them as they were in my email box, and I’m just fucking around with it. If ya can’t handle that, then would you like me to forward them to you!!? Alright then god damn it, I figure you wouldn’t lol!! Laterz….

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