Some People are deprived of sex or something…Jesus!

I’m not sure what the hell is going on around the world. But I thought I was badly deprived of some good holsome sex or porn before…Jesus Christ peoples!!

I’m getting TONS and TONS of incoming hits to my old porno gallery that I had up, before it was hacked to shit. Jesus Christ!, they are trying their hardest to find the images and shit.

They must think I still have all of them uploaded onto my server or something, cause all the links are to direct “locations” for the images. What do you people do, copy and paste the fucking image locations to a Text File or some shit, and bring them up directly… My God you horny fuckers!

Don’t worry you porn and sex deprived perverts, I’ll put a porn blog up then.. just give me some time.. If only I was getting paid to provide porn to the sexually deprived perverts!

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