Original Default 1.5 – All Sidebar, with fixes..

Yes! I went at it again god damn it lmao!1

I just spent today applying the fixes and such to the “original” default 1.5 theme. As you can see on the demo blog now, I’m currently using the theme I just worked on today. Here below is what was done.


I basically kept the same structure of the Default 1.5 theme by Michael Heilemann. However, there have been a few on going issues with the theme, until now.

Here below is what I had “fixed” and “changed” for this theme.

1.) The search button will be up beside the search input field in Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

2.) That ugly 1px footer and header shift is fixed, while viewing in Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

3.) You will have everything in the sidebar, listed on all the pages, instead of just the index page.

4.) I have also added some of the original CSS coding from the header.php file, right into the main style.css file. I was going to try to do that with all of the codes, but for some reason, IE6 just didn’t want to work with me. =( Go figure right?

I also cleaned up the CSS file a little.. =)

5.) I made this default 1.5 Widget friendly as well. =) I replaced the original functions.php and sidebar.php files, with the ones from this zip: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/widgets.zip

Either way you look at it, there was some uglyness with the footer, if not Firefox, it was IE6. Here below are screenshots of the footer, in both IE6 and Firefox.



As for the search button, the search button is fine in Firefox, however… IE6 is another story sigh.. But, here are the screenshots of what I’m referring too.



As you can see on the demo blog now now, hopefully you’re viewing in both IE6 and Firefox…the “fixes” have been applied to the Default 1.5 theme. =) And check out a post in the “single post view”, you’ll notice that “all” the links are in the sidebar. =)

Hopefully, someone will take notice to this and add it to the next version of WordPress 2.0.4. =P It might just help cut down on tons of support requests in the “Support Forums”. =)

Download: Default.zip

But please note: If you already have the Default theme in use, disable it and THEN upload the image folder and files over the existing ones in the default folder. You’re basically just replacing the Original ones, with these new ones.. Then re-activate it again.

Also, if you have Customized Default images, then only upload the php files and css file over the existing ones, and ALWAYS make a backup of your Custom Default themes. As for specific plugins, if you have the “call tags” for them in the current Default theme of your’s, save those files and just re-add them to this version.

I hope you like this, and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. spencerp1 [at] gmail [dot] com Or, please feel free to add your comments. =) Enjoy..

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