Microshit IE6 and Opera are shit..

I was just redoing the width of my Theme’s “wrapper” today, and well… leave it up to Microshit IE6 and Opera to be a fucking pain in the ass!!!

Like I said before, I should go undercover into the Microshit main office(s) and delete ALL the god damn links to download Microshit IE6 and same goes for shitty Opera!!

Well, maybe not delete them ALL, just have them ALL redirect to the Firefox’s download page. And ALSO, change the update links for all the current user’s browsers too…this way they’d ALL get awesome Firefox…

Fucking god damn Microshit IE6 and Opera can sing together, and play together in the depths of the septic tank for all I care… fucking god damn pieces of fucking SHIT!!

Like I have also said numerous of times before, trying to please Microshit IE6 and Opera is like trying to please my now EX-Retarded Slut Cunt Bitch Girlfriend!! It’s just never possible… Welp! That’s all, that’s it, no more shit!!

Time to get back to working on the theme again..if I can that is… tata peoples..

P.S. If they continue to be a pain in the fucking ass, I’m going to drop kick them both, and then bitch slap the life out of them!! Well, isn’t that what ya do with shitty ass, bitchy, whore bags?!! Yes it is,… I thought you’d agree with me…

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