Changes will be made here soon..

UPDATE: I have now removed those articles I was talking about, well, I actually removed them earlier.. Also, I have now just updated the About page.

It’s not the greatest though I admit, but it’s a hell of alot better lol! You also might need to do a hard refresh Ctrl + F5 to see the picture change, or just refresh twice with Firefox.

Anyway..just wanted to update everyone on the changes.. Next on the agenda is the theme.. =P


Besides me turning the BIG 30 today. Yes, today is my shitty Birthday lol!! =P Yeah, I blows.. but, anyways..

I plan on removing certain articles and I plan on changing the About page. Besides all that, I hope to upload a new Theme. Well, atleast a temporary theme, until mine is done, done.. icon_smile-5303702

The reason why some of the articles will be removed, is, they are just too mean, and towards people that I don’t even know personally. I personally don’t know those peoples, and I’m sure they are really nice people if I had met them.

That’s not what is “about” to start with really. My blog is mostly pertaining to “real life” experiences, hardships, problems, relationships, and my basic shitty “life” in general.

The reason for editing the About is, I really shouldn’t have a photo of me giving the “double bird” to everyone when they go to view that page.. Plus, some of that harsh language on there as well.

I’ll make up a “new” version of that page offline, on the, either earlier today or later tonight.. And I’ll be removing those posts as well around the same time.. I’ll keep everyone posted on the total progress like normal.. I just thought I’d share this with everyone quick, before getting offline.. Tata

P.S. Please no Happy Birthdays, there isn’t anything “Happy” about it, I’m one year older and still feel like shit!

P.S.S Real quick also, I’m taking down that post about the Incest shit..that shouldn’t really be posted on here anyways.. ;)

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