IE7 Beta3 and the funky font display problem.

If you have not downloaded the latest Internet Explorer 7 – Beta3 for Windows XP, do so now.

If you don’t run Windows XP, then from the link above I gave, you should be able to navigate around to find the version for your Operating System.

I must say though, the “display” problems for websites in IE7 Beta3 have dropped ALOT, compared to how they displayed in Internet Explorer 6.. And yes, I admit writing articles on how Microshit IE6 sucks massive donkey dick and shit..

But, that was towards IE6, not the IE7 Beta(s) LOL! I can’t wait until they actually release IE7 then.

However, once you download and install IE7 Beta2, or Beta3.. you’ll notice when viewing websites, there is a funky font display issue. Like the font is all blurry looking and what not.. I feel ya, I hate it myself..

To fix that problem, here is two possible solutions. Both of these “solutions” I had found from the “Microsoft Feedback” site.

However, the only way to view those discussions I believe, is to have an “account and logged in” with them or something though.. not sure..

One way to fix the font’s display problem, is to: Turn off ClearType in the Advanced tab of IE’s Internet Options.

Then close all your IE7 windows, or tabs, reopen IE7 and it should be fixed now.. Which does in fact work now.. The fonts on websites look a hell of alot better.

Another way of possibly fixing this issue, is to download: ClearType Tuner PowerToy.

I have now downloaded that, and I’m currently configuring it. I’ll see what happens with it, and then update everyone on it.

I hope this might help others with the same issues.. Welp, I’m done with this for now… tata!

P.S. I’m not sure, but *hopefully* the ClearType PowerToy helps the font display problem, when viewing emails in Outlook Express 6. =/ Not sure about that one, but I hope it fixes it there too sigh..

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