The Meaning behind my username: Twisted

The question about my username: Twisted, has come up numerous of times between either emails, or chatting via an Instant Messenger..

Well people, I think it’s time that I share the meaning of it, with you all. Here goes..A few years ago, I had the intentions of starting a website, called Twisted Society. I even purchased the domain name:

Which I still have to this day, which it’s also pointing to this blog/site, as well as Anyway, the Twisted Society site was going to be about, Govt Cover-ups, Secret Societies, New World Order, things of that “nature”..

However, the site did not stay up long at all, thanks to some Hacker motherfuckers and shit.. They hacked the site to hell and back, and I just decided to scrap that idea.. and start up another type of website. I purchased another domain name, and used the new domain name, as the main domain name, and used the one, as a backup domain name.

Anyway, the username Twisted came from the first domain name I had purchased, and it just stuck to me throughout the years.. It also stuck to me, because I am, and can be, a little Twisted at times as well..

So, there you have it peoples.. that’s how my username: Twisted was born.. I hope this answers your questions lol.. I’m done with this for now.. tata peoples..

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