Alright, since I know a lot of people bitch, bawl, and wet themselves when somebody posts pictures of other’s, especially when that someone is being made fun of.. I’ve now added an “ADD A CAPTION” feature to the site!

Following in TGO’s footsteps, I’ve went ahead and done the same for my site…

Here’s how it works.

1.) Once a day, week, whenever the fuck we feel like it, we’ll add an image to a post, then..

2.) Anyone, and everyone can post a comment towards that picture. Basically you’ll be saying something that you think the person in the picture is thinking, saying, feeling, or, whatever the hell..

3.) Be creative please! This is merely for shits and giggles!

4.) If you’re a bawl baby, or a whine ass, and comment with shitty ass comments, there will be a “Note” left in with your comment.

Now, here’s a chance for the bawl baby bastards to come out of the wood work, and go through 20 boxes of tissues. Expect the first ADD A CAPTION soon, you sniffling bawl baby bastards!!

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