Coming Soon – A new blog theme …

UPDATE! – I’ve been busting my balls all fucking day to get this theme ready! I only got, like, TWO more things to do yet, and she should be ready for uploading!!

I tried my best to get this theme looking about the same, in Microshit IE6, Firefox 2.0.X, and Opera. As far as I know, it’s looking pretty damn close in all three browsers. I’m not sure about the Safari browser, because, I’m just not that lucky!

It WILL be uploaded tonight sometime, it’s now 8:33pm for me, Eastern Standard time… I should have the bitch uploaded very soon. Again, I’m not good with making images, so.. if you don’t like some of them, just licky lick my hairy nut sacks! If you really want too, make some for me!

Also, you might want to wear sun glasses and shit! Before viewing the site…it’s a big color change from the shitty Headspace theme we have now.. so.. just wanted to warn you all!! Anyway, I’m done preaching, time to get back to theming.. tata!!

I’m sure there is going to be little issues here and there once I upload it, but, I’ll try and take care of them as soon as possible!

And I mean, really soon! I’m sending this out a few hours or so early, just to give everyone the head ups!

As most of you know, I’ve posted about this numerous of times before, and never actually did anything! There’s a simple explanation for that, and that’s because I’m a lazy son of a bitch!

Nah, I can’t lie… I just spend 98% of the time with my hand between the legs, whacking it and smacking it.. Anyway, I’ll be uploading and activating an already released theme, which I quickly tweaked for on here…

To let you all know, I’m not Mr Awesome Header Graphic/Logo Designer Man! I never was any good with making images, especially when I have a shitty ass Photo Imaging software, such as: THE LIMP DICK GIMP!!

Also, there might be some little issues here and there, which I’ll have to take care of then. I’m trying my damn best to get this shit straightened now though. Even though I haven’t slept since yesterday some time … but, that’s normal!

Another thing is, this is going to be a temporary theme, I wasn’t planning on keeping this one, unless of course you folks want it for a good length of time…? I’m just sick of the damn Headspace theme, I’ve been staring at the piece of shit for almost two years now, so.. time to scrap that fucker, and put up another!

Aight, I’m done with this. That’s all, that’s it, no more shit! Tata!

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