There’s been ALOT going on lately. There’s SO MUCH shit piled on my plate that even the nearest fat person wouldn’t be able to devour in a quarter past the hour, so sorry that my responses and posts have been NILL lately… Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in my “wonderful life”, or better known as “a steamy pile of horse shit”.

A.) My Jenn had her surgery today, Friday the 15th. Poor thing had 3 or 4 gall stones in her gall bladder, giving her immense pain in the stomach
and all over. Even AFTER the surgery she’s STILL in immense pain. :(

Between pulling my normal double (10am to 4pm / 10pm to 2am) Friday shifts at work, I spent time with her in the hospital, gave her a Valentines day card and a rose. She’ll be getting more later though… ;) She’ll be released this (Sat. Feb. 16th) morning. While she’s home resting, I’ll be here spending time with the oldest son. :) Then on Sunday I’ll be going to her house for the day, which means I won’t be online. :P

B.) Christine apparently THOUGHT I would enjoy emails regarding drama related bullshit about Rissie. Uh, who fucking cares about Rissie? I sure as hell don’t give a shit about her, or whatever the hell that drama is about. *Shrug* I’m sorry, but if the FIRST email to me in MONTHS/WEEKS has to be drama related, then you’re up to NO GOOD.

This coming from someone that gave me royal hell for being a part of the drama from the get go, this coming from someone that doesn’t want drama with Ranee and them and wanted me to ban them all. But can stir up shit about Rissie, bringing me into “it”, and I don’t even fucking KNOW HER.

I’m sorry, but if that’s all you’re going to do here, then just keep moving along. I don’t need that shit no more. The only one that I was picking at, was Krystal. Because she’s ALWAYS there, ALWAYS doing the same old shit. She deserves what she gets. She dishes it out, but can’t handle the same servings of shit when passed back around to her.

As for you Christine. We’re done. Plan and simple. DONE! DONE! DONE! FUCKING DONE! Sing it people! Go back to the wonderful husband you claim to be with, ya know…Mr. Shitty and be happy. Or wait, weren’t you dating your teacher last I knew? Ah, that’s right. You were. Good luck with it all! Stop emailing me bullshit. To call truce, to call closure to US. You’re pictures are down and gone. They are no more on my server, nor on CDS.

I don’t need that shit anymore, especially since I’m happy with Jenn. I don’t need her seeing that stuff by chance, and getting sick all over again and end up in hospital once more. You could have had a good thing here, but, ya fucked that up royally.

That whole time I was chasing you, hoping for something serious (but turned out to be shit), could have been spent on someone else far better than you. Well, actually that whole time was already covered, Jenn was there. She was just on the back side for a temporary reason. Ah well, you lost, Jenn won all along. Have a nice life. Pfft, please.. “nice life” bwahahaha!

C.) I WAS going to answer Nicole on her site, but I my as well do it here quick. I know I told her it’s pointless to have the same thing scattered every where else, but I really rather just reply to her comments here instead.

ME: That’s nice, I thought you didn’t visit TGO’s site no more? So how did you know what was posted, if you didn’t visit TGO’s site?

NICOLE: “Maybe she got an anonymous tip, TGO-style.”

Yeah probably. That, or she just plain lied to me about NOT visiting THEIR sites. Either way, she a liar. *Shrug*

ME: Probably because you’ve ripped on me repeatedly before, treated me like shit the whole time (that I was chasing you and trying to be serious
with you)

NICOLE: “why would you want to be with someone who was promiscuous with her own relatives?”

I figured, everyone has their Kinky moments and does something off the wall or wrong in their life at some point. *Shrug* Of course, the more correct answer really is; I was just stupid.

CHRISTINE: “You promised me you’d never do that again.”

NICOLE: “You’ve done that before? By god, why wasn’t I there?”

Yeah it was done before. Believe me, be thankful you weren’t there then. BUT, the pictures from BACK THEN were posted already though, so you seen them anyway! *Shrug* Although they’re removed from my server now, I’m sure someone else out there has em yet lmao.

CHRISTINE: “I’m also willing to answer anything you want to know.”

NICOLE: “I have a question. Why in fuck’s name do you date people on the internet? Why the shit do you give naked pictures of yourself to your online boy toy, that were ACTUALLY meant for your brother? What the flying fuck?”

Dating people online isn’t really a BAD thing. The BAD thing about “it” is, most people are from out of State, they aren’t really local. You also never know WHO they really are, unless you met them in person. It’s also more convenient. Others told me the same thing though too, it’s pointless dating others online. I’m starting to believe it all now, 100%. When single, sharing pictures to boy toys and or girl toys is fun. :D As for the brother part, it’s kinky! :P

ME: “Perhaps? I don’t really remember anymore. But if I did, everyone please send her a Valentines Day card k…”

NICOLE: “I don’t believe in Valentine’s day. I don’t believe in love. No, not after this tragic day in history.

I feel that I have the right to pick apart the sad remnants of this relationship because they were meant for the general public in the first place. Being on the Internet, and all.

Because the Internet is SO personal and intimate. I want to vomit. I think I’m becoming bulimic, because this puking thing is most certainly a habit.”

Your thoughts, feelings, comments and such on the “relationship” are taken without any ill feelings. You have the right to say what you want about “it”. I ain’t mad. You’re really right though. My apologizes go to you, for having to be reading the shit regarding the past shit. It’s all basically just a bunch of shit and was a waste of time and life.

I’m sorry for even getting involved in “it” actually. I can only move on, move forward, and keep my head held high. My Jenn is there to help me with that though, and I’m grateful for that. :)

Anyway, that’s about all for the News. I’m tired as fuck now, I NEED sleep! Later people…

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