Damn Jew Burners…

I can’t wait until fucking winter is over, then I don’t gotta worry about turning on the damn Jew Burner in my bedroom… Shit!

I know, I know… what the fuck is a Jew Burner… I’ll tell ya, it’s a heater. Yep, that’s what I call the heater in my room. Since the old farm house heaters suck ass and ya can’t feel much heat at all, I had to put one of those stand up fan/ heaters and shit so it blows it out so you can feel it better and faster…

Turn it on HIGH and shortly afterwards you’ll feel like a Jew in an incinerator… hence the nickname “Jew Burner”… Don’t get all bent now, I ain’t full blown German and I ain’t prejudice (against Jews) but I sure as fuck would love to have Hitler for a dad… that’d be awesome! I want his hair style for sure… just not the mustache.

Welp, time to turn off the Jew Burner.. damn I’m cooking up while writing this post.. shit.

P.S. And yes, I know the Jew Burner is really an “oven”, but when my heater on high, it feels like being in an oven.. hence the nickname “Jew Burner” for sarcastic purposes only of course.. Relax!

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