What’s happening?

Well, since you all don’t know shit about what’s going on with me lately, I’ll fill ya in…

  1. Besides working my ass off at the job, I’ve been working my ass off on the site in various ways. More details about this coming in another post. I know, boring! Shut the fuck up, who asked you anyway!?!?
  2. In the process of moving ALL of my domains from shitty Dreamhost.com to Namecheap.com, and moved ALL of my sites from Dreamhost.com to my buddies host. Notice the improvement? I sure do! Hasn’t been down yet (knock on wood), and it’s faster than a couple of rabbits during mating season…

    The only domain that hasn’t been moved yet, is VindictiveBastard.com. Damn the 60 day ICANN rules!! It should be able to move on the 18th of this month though.. *crosses fingers* .. Then, it’s bye bye shitty Nightmarehost.com, I mean… Dreamhost.com.
  3. Still working ass off at shit work, and just haven’t been in a mood to post lately!

Welp, that’s about it! Now it’s time to take a little nap, like good old lazy bastards do!

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