Christine, is the cesspool of shit…

Keep getting me… Keep threatening me.. Keep it on…. Go ahead. Listen bitch, for all that shit you kept dissing on the “others”.. ya know… all that bitching you gave me hell for… for even contacting them, but yet YOU DID IT yourself..

It’s wonderful to know, there’s that “awesome” girl there for ya in the end…. that chick I wanted, that chick I so desired…really, she was the biggest bitch in the entire net universe. That same chick I confessed my love too, that same chick I couldn’t get over for months, that same chick I couldn’t get out of head and mind, that same chick I’ve shed tears over… when I never shed tears over a chick…

Was the same exact chick, doing the same things she gave me hell for. Talk about a hypocrite, talk about a back-stabber… talk about a drama queen cunt. YOU AND JAMES ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!!!

For a man to look like this: James the fucking retard.. … I guess you’d have to be a female slut, cheating on a hubby? He can flick me off all he want, but he was the one being fucked… FUCKED OVER that is! Keep bringing threats bitch, keep harassing the harassers… it won’t stop until you stop…

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