Man or Woman?

Today is the official start date of a new feature for I’m proudly introducing, “Man or Woman?”…Here’s where I’ll randomly find either men or women photos, and post them to debate what gender they really are. Because well, some times it’s just so damn confusing. Let’s begin!

Man or Woman? What am I?

Hi! I’m a nice, a little shy, and loves to have a great time. I enjoy bowling a lot. I have bowled since I was 10. I also enjoy anything to deal with the outdoors. I like to stay home once in awhile. I like all kinds of music but mostly rock and country. I don’t have a favorite group. I enjoy raised trucks and jeeps. I want one someday. I would like to go muddin someday. I love to go to the beach. My favorite beach is Ocean City, MD. In my picture I have short hair, I plan to grow it out to long hair. I will explain later why I have short hair. I love dogs! I have a half black lab and half german shepard. He is big and all black. He is lovable. I spoil him alot. My favorite color is green. Well I hope to hear from you soon! LATER!

I’m not sure about you, but I think I’d be running the opposite way had I seen this coming towards me. S-he looks like a College Football player with some chick glasses and shit. Either that, or someone that you can find under any horse on the farm while butt-naked, and getting railed by it… I think the parents of this “chick” probably committed suicide later in life after they have known and seen what they’ve created. I would stay clear of this one, you might get tackled…

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