Obama is shit…

He claimed to help our Country, yet is worse than most past Presidents. He’s a shit talker, trying to talk about helping us, yet is failure. He’s sinking our Country farther into the ground then any other President. He slapped wrapping paper around us, and slapped a “Don’t open till Christmas” sticker on it.

He’s fail. Nothing about him is good. He’s making America into a dictatorship Country, he’s making us into bullshit. He’s paving the way for the “New World Order”… Wake up Americans! He’s shit, and I’d rather have a secretary sucking cock Monica, back in with President Clinton. Anything but Obama. Obama is our false prophet, the lying fuck, pretending to bring us “hopes”, when really it’s all talk and bullshit.

We’re already in debt beyond belief, fuck others. And fuck you too Obama. You’re fail, and anything you come up with is fail. You’re the reason why us Americans have doubts in our government. You’re just fail. Done.

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