It only takes one to link to me, then they all follow…

I noticed an in-coming referral link earlier the other night, and it’s listed on a chick’s blog from when the past drama whore clique was running amok… Of course I emailed her, asking for it to be removed, no response yet…

But seriously, I don’t want these past drama whores following my blog. I’ve already purposely gone through all the comments, and posts, removing their links or removing past posts about them in general, because the past was past, and it was bullshit drama for their own amusement.

Just picture a bunch of (unhappily) married women, running around stirring up the drama bullshit 247, because either A.) Their lives are so boring, they just have to be part of drama, or stir up new drama bullshit to get through the weeks… B.) They just can’t live without it, because like most normal people, blood is what keeps us alive and ticking, but to them it’s drama. Or C.) Well…who are we kidding, reasons A and B are the only reasons they wanted and nothing else.

I’m sure there will be a tear fest, bitching and bawling, that I helped make it just as much as they have… Oh well, most of you’ve deserved the shit I done. Hell, I even went out on a limb to help them sour cunts, and even went against the buddy at the time, to help them. They weren’t grateful, nor happy for shit. It’s okay though, whatever… But back on the referral linking shit, I’d rather not have it. I’ve already gotten two hits from Canada…. The thought of having Krystole (the WordPress custom theme stealing bitch) on my blog, irks me.

If they start shit again, we’ll just have more war again. I guess that’s all we can say for now… It only takes one, to make their pack come back… Damn shame. Ah well…

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