“The Soup”…

We all KNOW the head man of this show… Come on Girls.. T-Hehe.. It’s where we get the latest dis on others in the celebrity news…

Only a Bi-Gay guy can stalk you so much, making fun of you… and dissing you like he does, because he’s a stalker… If he’s not following you personally, he has his crew doing it, to gather the dirt. Wouldn’t that be ironic, if someone got some “Soup Talk” on him? Haha. Yes, it would. Let’s see what HE does daily… Let’s have a laugh at him for once.

Fuck you. All celebs have a life, they earn their money, and live, you’re just a fucking leech devouring them. You’re pussy. Put those cute swim trunks on you big gay homo… I never saw such a bitch swim in his own soup before. The soup of male cum. Cum on now, swim. Swim bitch!

Only a “soup” of bullshit twisted, to make his ego grow, which really, he has none. Pussy Pansy bitch needs to take a dive in his own shit soup. Pussy Bitch needs some counseling, they serve it free I imagine.. there’s counselors for the celebs fucked up? Keep smiling like that you closet peeper prick, wanna be a something, but ain’t ever gonna be shit.

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